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Effective Education & Evolutionary Process of Change

Jed Yoong asked :-
1. YB, Thanks for sharing your more exciting conversations/debates in our august house.
What do you think of the theory that "masalah perkauman" is also to some extend an invention of the politicians to maximise their advantage even on the Pakatan side?
Is racial polarisation really so serious these days?

I agree that that is generally the case. However, when it takes the form of instilling fear and hatred of and towards a certain race as they are presented as a race, which wishes to destroy the other races,then it is racism. When one speaks of justice for all races and a belief in the ability of all races to live together in peace, helping one another to develop, I do not see it as a form of racism or racial politics. Please also read my next piece on Dr. M that will be publish later today. [update 21/11: read it here]

No, I do not think that it is actually as serious as it is being made out to be by the BN and its media.

2. I am currently evaluating how PAS will tackle Selangor. May I ask, will PAS enforce anti-alcohol and entertainment laws on all muslims if it comes to power in selangor, possible if UMNO continues its downward spiral and PKR continues its 'idolatry' of Anwar?
It's actually quite an important point for me, a non-Muslim, as many Muslims in KL have liberal lifestyles. Will PAS continue with the current situation and allow Muslims to choose?
If you have the time, it would be much appreciated if you could explain the issues to me from your point of view. I, for one, am quite open to the idea of less vice as lots of Chinese families are destroyed via gambling, adultery, loan sharking, etc.

We understand the need for change to come in a gradual manner. This was what happened in the time of the Holy Prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon him). It is often mentioned that the banning of alcohol only occurred over stages, wherein the first Quranic revelation on the issue was an advice, stating that the evil of drinking far outweighs its advantages. The second revelation, after some time, instructed the Muslims not to do their prayers while in an intoxicated state. The third revelation banning alcohol altogether came only sometime after that.

In other words, we will proceed by campaigning and educating all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, about the destructive nature of all these vices. We will emphasise on the need for moral strength of individual members of the society for the society to be strong and progressive. The legal approach where this is enforced by law will come later when the society in general has understood that it is not an issue of enforcing Islamic morality on all but rather enforcing what the society as a whole has come to agree with. Ofcourse the enforcement of this on the Muslims would take first precedent, however again, in stages and after an effective education process for the Muslims themselves while understanding the priorities (Awlawiyyat).

3. Apologies again if I've offended Hadi. I know his Facebook admins are cheesed off as I've been deleted from his account but the man himself is beyond such silliness.

I do not believe he is personally offended but perhaps his Facebook admins are as you said. I have to remind everyone that criticisms are normal and respect them enough to tell them the truth. Even the Holy prophet (May Peace and Blessings of God be upon him) had to handle criticisms and even worse, in the process of his struggle. If even the Holy Prophet had to undergo such a situation, what more people like us who do not have as special a standing in the sight of God as he has. So, we should learn to take these criticisms and comments in our stride and handle all issues calmly and objectively. Answer all questions, explain away all objections and doubts and hope for the best.

WalLahu 'Alam


lan said…
great answers pak khalid!
Anonymous said…
Dear YB,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.
It's much appreciated.
Thanks again.
Warmest regards,
Jed Yoong

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