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Dr. M & Race-based Party

The Perdana Leadership Foundation organised a discourse series on 'Bangsa Malaysia' in Putrajaya last week. I did not attend it myself; however, reading from some of the remarks made by Dr. M, prompt me to write something. I was somewhat bemused by a number of his statements, particularly in the article posted by Rocky's Bru: If PAS is not a race-based party ....

After March 8, we are more racial than ever. Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has told those who say the last General Election was a vote to reject race-based parties and politics to stop deluding themselves. "We have become more racial than ever since the last General Election. We debate about race every day, more than before," he said. In an off-the-cuff lecture on Bangsa Malaysia in Putrajaya this morning, he said if the outcome of the March general election was a rejection of racial politics, there would be less talk about race today. Instead, race has become a central issue since March. That election has stimulated discussion about little else other than race.

If there is more talk about race than ever, then it is the work of UMNO who wishes to revive racial sentiments and bring it to the forefront. This is as they see race politics as their saviour as they find themselves virtually completely abandoned by the non-Malays.

"And if PAS is not a race-based party, then I am not Mahathir Bin Mohamad," he said.

PAS is not raced based although Dr. M wishes it to be. He wants all to think that PAS is only hiding behind the name of Islam as UMNO has been doing all this while because he simply cannot fathom the concept of a political party based on religion pursuing objectives defined by the religion. So he quickly concludes that PAS is no different from UMNO, Malay and chauvinistic but hiding behind the name of Islam.

That is his own biased, prejudiced and stunted view of Malaysian politics. PAS’s commitment to Islamic principles, free from any form of racial chauvinism is becoming increasingly clear for all to see. As far as “then I am not Mahathir Bin Mohamed” is concerned, I think our Dr. M has been suffering from a serious bout of selective amnesia as he is currently condemning money politics, corruption and all those things which has made him famous in the eyes of many. So it is nothing strange for him to forget who he is.

I would be in a similar state of mind as well if after 22 years I find my contribution nothing short of money politics, corruption, cronyism and nepotism. I believe no one has contributed as much to the destruction of the Malaysian potential as Dr. Mahathir. He can only look back on his legacy with shame. Is it any wonder then for him to wish to be someone else?

DAP not a race-based party? "Apart from some window-dressing, it's still the old DAP".

DAP is not race based. The fact that it has not been able to attract more Malay and Indian support speaks volumes on the effectiveness of the BN propaganda machine. It has been very effective in portraying the DAP as such, just as it was effective in portraying PAS as an Islamic extremist party all this while. I believe we may start seeing more Malays and Indians joining the DAP in the near future.

And PKR? "It is said to be Islamic, it's also pro-Hindraf, and pro-Chinese educationists. But that's because there is this man with many faces who leads the party. After him, who will lead the PKR? If it is led by a non-Malay, it will not have the support of the Malays."

Does being Islamic necessitate one to be anti-Hindraf and anti-Chinese educationists? This shows the lack of understanding which Dr. M has of the issues and of Islam itself. The Islamic position on these issues are best portrayed by PAS who are actively involved in the campaign against ISA and the right for mother tongue education or vernacular schools. As far as the future of the PKR and it being led by a non-Malay is concerned, let’s let the members decide. The issues raised transcends race.

Bangsa Malaysia without Bahasa Malaysia? Dr M also chided those who clamour for a Bangsa Malaysia but are unwilling to give due regards to the national language. These people, he said, should emulate Obama and children of migrant races in the US, Switzerland and Australia.

"Obama, who must be in some ways a descendant of a slave, is today US President. The blacks had tribes in Africa but after years in the US they all speak English. English is their mothertongue. The speak English at work, at school and at home. The same as the migrant Jews. They became naturalised American citizens. But they accpet that as Americans they must speak English."

First I do not see people objecting to the Bahasa Malaysia as the national language. Every nation needs a common language for its citizens to be able to communicate with one another. However, the campaign for its use must be presented in a non-chauvanistic manner.

Secondly the government’s own commitment to its use is somewhat wanting due its own flip-flop attitude as shown vis-à-vis the question of teaching Maths and Science in English.

Thirdly, not all Black Americans are offsprings of slaves, silly!

Fourth, as anyone who has been in America would know, it is a multicultural and also multi-lingual nation. The acceptance of English as the common language is understood and accepted by all due to the non-chauvinistic manner it is implemented.

WalLahu 'Alam


Mr. Smith said…
"And if PAS is not a race-based party, then I am not Mahathir Bin Mohamad," he said.
But as far as I know his name is Mahathir A/L Naina Kutty
Anonymous said…
He must be lying through his teeth then? ahahah...
Unknown said…
There are so many in the cast of characters here I'm not sure sometimes who say what e.g. "Obama is a descendant of slaves ... " He most certainly is not. His father is, was, a Kenyan high official, not an American black unless you want to tar all africans as descendants of former slaves if not still are as some are!
Anonymous said…
Salam kepada saudara,
Saya amat terkejut yang saudara begitu kuat mempertahankan DAP & PKR. Mungkin saudara tidak dapat melihat kesan yang jelas dan nyata yang dialami oleh rakyat bawahan terhadap keterbukaan yang begitu dicanangkan oleh DAP dan PKR.

1. Kedengaran suara-suara jelas oleh bukan melayu akar umbi yang mula mempersendakan kaum melayu dan juga Islam. Mungkin saudara tidak merasa sakitnya telinga kerana tinggal,kerja,makan dan minum dikawasan majoriti orang Melayu.Cuba ambil masa sebulan tinggal di kawasan majoriti Cina ataupun bekerja di syarikat yang 100% dimiliki oleh orang Cina.

2. Dimana suara PAS sebelum ini yang benar2 ingin mengangkat martabat Islam dengan menjadikan Al Quran dan Hadis sebagai rujukan pemerintah.Dahulu mencerca UMNO kerana bersetongkol dengan MCA,MIC dan lain2. Tetapi sekarang,bagaimana?Saudara mungkin mempunyai beribu alasan untuk mempertahankan PAS tetapi bagi saya ini merupakan satu lagi politiking yang menunjukkan ketidak konsisten parti yang mendakwa memperjuang Islam.

3. Adakah kerajaan sebelum ini menindas kaum Cina dan India?Cuba fikirkan sejenak. Kaum mana yang mempunyai kadar pendapatan isi rumah paling dimalaysia biarpun % kaumnya adalah kurang dibanding orang Melayu.Cuba lihat kaum2 lain dapat bergerak bebas,mempunyai sekolah mereka sendiri dan majoriti menggunakan bahasa mereka sendiri dan tidak selesa berbahasa melayu.Ada kala mereka sendiri tidak mahu bergaul dengan orang melayu dan membentuk komuniti mereka sendiri.

4. Keterbukaan saudara ini mengingatkan kepada saya apa yang BN lakukan sebelum ini.SAya masih ingat semasa saya bersekolah menengah dulu ada seorang pemimpin PAS tempatan menempelak orang Islam kerana pergi mengunjungi rumah kaum India di perayaan Deepavali dan sekarang perkara ini dilakukan oleh pemimpin PAS sendiri.Siapa salah sebenarnya?Tidak hairan la sekiranya ada dikalangan ahli-ahli PAS kurang merasa selesa.

5. Isu kandang babi.DAhulu orang PAS selalu membuat dakwaan mengatakan UMNO ini mementingkan peternak babi dan mengalakkan penternakan babi.Walhal mereka tidak tahu di terengganu dan Kelantan ada juga ladang babi.Sekarang,Kerajaan Kedah pun berkata mungkin mereka akan memperuntukkan satu kawasan di negeri itu untuk penternakan babi secara moden.Nah?Apa komen ahli2 PAS yang sebelum ini asyik mencerca sahaja.

Saudara,orang Islam dan melayu melihat PAS sbgi alternatif dalam melindungi hak dan maruah yang jelas sejak beratus tahun yang lalu.Namun begitu,tidak tanduk PAS yang defensive sedangkan mengatakan ini semua adalah mainan propaganda media BN tidak boleh diterima.Jangan kita buta melihat serangan psikologi orang bukan melayu yang ingin merebut kuasa politik melayu yang dikuasai oleh orang Melayu sekarang.Cuba hayati dasar perjuangan PAS dan cuba kaitkan dengan situasi sekrang.
balan said…
Well, what HINDRAF refuse to understand is that their parents and leaders agreed to the 'social contract’ and related constitution wholeheartedly before the independence was granted. If they have anyone to blame, if should be the people and Indian leaders during the period.


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