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Video: Respon Kepada Ridhuan Tee

Respon kepada artikel Ridhuan Tee dalam Utusan Melayu pada 2 Januari 2011 berkenaan gesaan memohon maaf Perdana Menteri kepada Penganut Kristian.

-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Beh CS said…
Terima kasih YB dengan hujah-hujah anda yang cukup menyakinkan. Sebagai orang Malaysia keturunan Cina, saya amat hormati cara logik dan bernas YB memberi respon kepada artikel En Tee.

Syabas and saya amat yakin, dengan kewibawaan YB, masa depan Malaysia pasti cerah dengan kepimpinan anda.

Encik Beh, KL
Anonymous said…
As non-muslims we thought Perkim (converts association) is supposed to bridge the muslims and nons and to encourage conversions, but it turn out to be an association for converts to bash non-muslims!
Rahman Hyder said…
everyone makes mistakes.

if we hear or read something that comes from ignorance, let's just ignore it, or if we are capable of replying to it like our good mp khalid samad is, then we should reply in a calm and cool manner with logical arguments, as our good mp khalid samad did.

thanks, tuan mp. may Allah bless you.
SetiaSelalu said…
YB , you have earned the respect of our community ( who used to fear PAS ) as you have shown on many occasions your sincere concerns/opinions on many important issues -corruption,deaths in police custody, case of Beng Hock, Aminrul ,Kugan, Altantuya,racial discrimination of minority races etc .Thank you YB.
M'sia will have a brighter future with Pakatan Rakyat and PAS playing significant role in the New M'sia.
Anonymous said…
maka itulah sebabnya Tuan Hj Khalid Samad teralalu dibenci dan digeruni oleh puak-puak UMNO/BN... semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati dan bersama perjungan tuan. Takbir!!!
MAHAGURU58 said…
Assalamualaikum YB. It is as you have said.

It is ridiculous for any Muslim who wilfully visits a place of worship of the Kuffars to expect them to remove their objects or symbols of worship to accommodate him or her?

If the Muslim visiting a Kuffar's temple, church, gurdwara or monastery does so in his or her position as the leader of the community, district, state or nation, then he or she should just visit the Kuffars and acknowledge their rights to worship as per what the Surah Al Kafirun Chapter 109 : entails!

We are all individuals belonging to a certain race or tribe descending from 1 source ~ Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam - created by Allah the Almighty from earth / clay taken from all parts of the world by the Malaikat Sayyidina Izra'il Alaihis Salam who was eventually appointed by Allahu Ta'ala to be His Angel of Death.

Thus we all share a common ancestry yet today are divided into all kinds of people and differ in our faiths although the only Faith that Allah taught Adam our Father was Al Islam.

We have been given the Faculty of Reason to find out and learn about the Truth, our Birthright to worship Allah the Only Creator of us all.

Thus, we who are Muslims ought to be just and fair in our daily interactions with those who are yet to be so.

Anyone Muslim making demands upon the Kuffars to remove any emblem, insignia or idol of the Kuffars in the course of his or her official visit to such places of worship ought to remember the example of Sayyidina Umar al Khattab when the 2nd Caliph of Islam visited Jerusalem after successfully recapturing it from the Christians as pointed out by YB Khalid Samad.

History is there as a guide fir those of us alive today.

Do not be unjust in the name of Islam.

Islam is the International
System of Living for All Mankind.

Put it to practice and be fair to all.

Insya Allah.

Well said YB!

Congratulations to you.


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