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Snare in Khusrin Row

By Adib Zalkapli (The Malaysian Insider)

SHAH ALAM, Jan 6 — Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad urged the state government today to move forward and accept Datuk Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the state’s new secretary, and reminded it of the stakes if it chose to prolong the row.

According to Khalid, Khusrin’s appointment was an intentional attempt to pit the state government against the Sultan.

“I urge the state government to choose their fight, to choose their battle,” said Khalid.

The PAS lawmaker added that the administration of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has already done what it could to argue that Khusrin was not the state’s choice.

“The point has been made, Khusrin is not the best man for the job, and we have made our objection clear,” Khalid told a press conference here.

“When the administration starts to face problem, fails to perform we will know the cause is BN’s choice of [state secretary] to jeopardise the Selangor government,” he added.

Khalid said the state government’s priority would be to explain the issue to the Selangor public and the importance of changing the federal administration.

“Our last option is to amend the state constitution but after that we will have to accept Khusrin as the state secretary,” said Khalid.

The state government has been opposing the appointment of Khusrin as the state secretary, arguing that the Public Service Commission (PSC) did not consult the mentri besar before announcing the appointment.

It has even announced its intention to amend the state constitution by the end of the month to nullify Khusrin’s appointment and to restore the state’s power in the selection of senior officers.

Despite the objection, members of the state administration led by MB Khalid attended the swearing in ceremony before the Sultan but had vowed not to let Khusrin take his oath of secrecy to enable him to function as the state secretary.

Previously, former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin had warned the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Selangor government that it risks losing Malay support from the state secretary dispute.

Nizar was accused of being a traitor after he disagreed with the Sultan of Perak who had refused to dissolve the state assembly prior to the defection of PR lawmakers which resulted in the collapse of the state government in 2009.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
Khalaid Samad is talking nonsense. It is very dangerous to accept Kusrin's appointment when that appointment is illegal and unconstitutional in the first place.

The correct appointing authority is the Selangor State's Service Commission or in the absence of such Commission, then it is the MB himself. This is the definition of the 'appropriate Service Commission' as found in sect.66 of the Interpretation Act.

The MB and Exco should ignore Khalid Samad's view. As a responsible State Gov't, they should go by the law, to wit, the Constitutions, Fed or State.

Anonymous said…
Like many, I hope this new guy will work on his priorities in helping selangor to prosper and NOT focusing on when to close the gate .
Anonymous said…
How can it be Khalid Samad?

Who is Khalid Samad saying Khusrin’s appointment was an intentional attempt to pit the state government against the Sultan where's the Sultan has accepted Khusrin as SUK of Selangor?

Please tell me, on what basis the unconstitutional with the appointment?

When you said that Khusrin is not the best man for the job then who is your man then? Please be more specific!

I hope this is not dendam kesumat between you and Khusrin.

Also, please do not politic this issues when we know that you are also behind this.

For me, I don't care who is the SUK, who is the MB of Selangor, who is the Prime Minister and who is the wakil rakyat of Shah Alam.

I totally voted for Khalid Samad in last election.

I have accepted Khalid Ibrahim as my MB. I even accepted Najib as PM but I really don't understand why can't you guys accept Khusrin as an SUK of Selangor?

Shame on you la brother!
Anonymous said…
anon 9.50pm

dont be naive. u know and i know this khusrin fella will definitely work against pakatan rakyat. he serves umno, not the people, not the state govt and most certainly not the sultan.

he serves only umno. u wanna bet your life against mine? if i am wrong about this....i am willing.

Anonymous said…
If it is illegal or unconstitutional why Khalid have to amend the constitution? Khalid will give a wrong message that the constitution should easily be amended if not in favor with the leader.
Anonymous said…
u got me, brother.
Anonymous said…
anon 12.27am

are u joking?
Anonymous said…
Khalid wants to amend the constitution because he doesn't fully understand how the State's and Federal public services work. If he had undestood fully, there is nothing to amend.

The question you have to ask is this:

a. Ths SUK post? Is it a State's post or a Federal post. If it is a State's post, Federal Service Comm like PSC and other service commissions have no jurisdiction to appoint their officers to the post. SUK is clearly a State's post because it is created u/d Art.52 of the State's consti. Therefore the appointing auth for a State Post is the State Service Comm and not Federal Service Comm. There are 5 Fed Service Comm incl PSC.

b. The appointing authority for a state's post is the State itself ie the State Service Comm. It is clearly stated in Art.52 read together with sect.66 of the Interpretation Act 48. The 'appropriate Service Comm' is that of the State.

So if the appointing auth is the State, what is there to amend the consti. PSC or any other Federal Service Comm would only be involved if the State had requested them to second their officers to the States. So for the SUK post, we have seconded PTD officers under PSC and for the State's Legal Advisor, we have seconded officer from the AG Chambers.

There is in fact nothing to amend. Khalid just happen to believe all the bullshit made by the KSN. Ask the KSN, is the posting of Kushrin an 'appointment' or a 'secondment'. The PSC can't appoint but they can seconded their officer on request.
Anonymous said…
It’s rather peculiar to see that Khalid Samad (PAS) and Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) share different opinions on regards of the new SS issue. While Khalid Samad wanted the impasse to be ended, Khalid Ibrahim seems to be focused on how to keep Khusrin out of Selangor’s administration.

It’s clear that lately, PAS and PKR have not been in good terms, especially after PKR’s de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim announced that should PR wins the next GE, he’ll appoint Lim Kit Siang as the new TPM. A big blow to PAS I guess. PAS, being the senior party of the three in PR should by any means be the TPM, or even the PM. There are a lot of talented leaders in PAS, but Anwar choose Lim Kit Siang anyway.

PAS did a smart thing turning to UMNO, to discuss about forming a Unity Government. There’s no point staying if the TPM to be is someone who push aside the idea of forming an Islamic country.
kuzy said…
That's rite yb.. Anything happen in future, we know s.u.k sobotaj us. Like what he do to surau sect.8
Anonymous said…
Salam YB
Minta maaf kalau tersilap fakta tetapi rasanya SUK dilantik oleh KSN. Sedangkan KSN dipilih oleh PM (UMNO) sudah pastilah SUK dikalangan yang disukai oleh PM (untuk tujuan politiknya). Walau bagaimana professional sekalipun ahli politik, politiking di sektor kerajaan tak boleh dielakkan.

Selesaikan dengan cara orang politik, di sini kita nak lihat kebijaksanaan MB Pakatan dalam politik. Dengan 'attack' dan 'no support' dari Federal, MB boleh selesaikan kes ini akan menjadi pengalaman penting buat pakatan bila menerajui negara nanti.

Cuba bayangkan jika PU13, BN tumbang dan semua kakitangan yang ada ketika itu adalah pilihan BN.... Tidakkah mereka akan cuba merosakkan dari dalam? Kalau tak ada pengalaman akan berulang kejadian di Perak. Pada pandangan saya kejatuhan di Perak disebabkan MB tak pandai 'main politik' dalam pentadbirannya!
loafer's pulse said…
Salam YB Sdr Khalid,

Sorry, this is out of topic. It's just an info. Our northern neighbor can offer so much (as below), why most of our people are still ignorant with all the injustice? I’ll pray for a better Malaysia!!!
muak dgn pr!! said…
haha..forget bout hot issue in png..adun komtar is rasis!!!y u people didnot talk about this aaa...we hv a prof showing that dap chinese asseblyman r rasis!!so what is yr opinion bout this???very funny when that chinese guy ask that mamak go bck to india...this is not cina mainland la..this is MALAYsia..only malay can do that becoz both of chinese n india is imigran long time ago!!!to that stupid adun komtar..if malay can respect others...y u cannot respect others???dasar rasis punye DAP!!!

p/s:dont blok my komen aa khalid samad..this is kebebasan bersuara!!
Anonymous said…
Oit..malas aku nak tulis dlm english..sebab kauorang jugak yg hentam english siap bawak keranda kata bahasa Melayu umno nak hapuskan..hehe..

Niat aku tulis ni adalah sebab aku nak memperbetulkan Kuzy sikit.

Untuk pengetahuan Kuzy, surau Seksyen 8 tu di tutup sebab ada yg tak puas hati pasal perlantikan AJK, IMAM dan lain-lain jawatan.

Aku selalu jemaah kat sana. memang ada dua puak bro.

Puak UMNO & puak PAS.

Puak UMNO ni pada aku conservative sikit sebab geng veteran katakan..

Puak ni memang tak peduli pasal politik dalam surau. Kalau ada bunyi pun lebih kepada soal agama je. Tapi rata-rata puak UMNO nih bukan lah ahli UMNO tapi pengundi UMNO je.

di pihak PAS pulak tak puas hati sebab tak ada orang mereka dlm AJK..aku tak pasti kalau ada pun mungkin tak di beri peranan besar mcm jadi imam ke..bilal ke..mungkin dulu nereka dapat jawatan dlm surau..ntah aku pun bukan ambik tahu pun..hahaha..

Aku bukan nak cakap yg bukan-bukan & bukan nak tuduh sesapa pun tapi realiti sebenarnya geng-geng PAS ni sebenarnya sedikit sebanyak memecahbelahkan umat Islam di Seksyen 8 pada masa itu.

Contoh paling besar solat 2 imam.

Ada ka patut? Aku memang tak setuju betul tindakkan mereka. Kalau tak puas hati pun dengan orang UMNO jadi Imam apa salahnya kalau ikut je. Bukan berdosa pun. Bukan tak sah solat kauorang. Cuma kauorang je degil nak mampus.

Aku memang tak masuk campur pasal isu gaduh-gaduh masa tu. bahkan, kebanyakkan jemaah juga tak mahu masuk campur sebab isu ni dah masuk bab politik.

PAS kata UMNO, UMNO kata PAS.

Jadi kesudahannya, Sultan Selangor menitahkan supaya surau tersebut di tutup.

Walaupun aku tak setuju (sebab kena solat kat masjid negeri) tapi aku faham situasi tersebut kalau tak di perbetulkan dengan segera, confirm gaduh punya..bukan pasal urusan surau tapi pasal politik sapa yg lebih betul.

Jadi isunya di sini, Khusirin buat kerja betul. Dia jalankan amanah dia sebagai Pengarah Jais pada masa itu.

Sama juga kalau sekarang dia adalah SUK Selangor. Jadi kalau ada perkara yg tak kena dgn mestilah dia menggunakan kuasa dia sebagai SUK. Pada aku PR tak perlu takut melainkan PR takut apa yg mereka takutkan selama ini di ketahui oleh Khusrin atau sememangnya Khalid Samad ada isu dgn Khusrin..

hehehe..jgn marah YB..
kuzy said…
Thank anon 9:14n sya hargai hasrat anda nak betulkan fakta.. Bila disebut fakta, mana leh masuk ayat "aku tak pasti" atau "ntah bukan aku nak ambik tahu pun" cakap pakai fakta la.. Contoh cerita penuh macam mana solat jadi 2 imam? Sebab bukan anda sorang sahaja makmum kat situ. Cuba cite berapa surau yang dikunci, dan berapa ramai jk surau yang ditukaq ikut kepala dia, belum lg tauliyah tok guru yang dilucutkn, kenapa sebelum dia perkara ini tidak terjadi? Yb khalid pun dia tak bg tauliyah.. Amacam? kasi fakta sket..

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