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PAS spewing BTN-grade propaganda

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS president Hadi Awang's call for Malay-Muslims in the country to unite and fight against the DAP is akin to the National Civics Bureau's (BTN) propaganda, says Amanah man Khalid Samad.

In expressing his disappointment, the Shah Alam MP, who is also Amanah's communication chief, pointed out that it would be more becoming of an Islamic leader to call for a fight against corruption, embezzlement, tyranny, power abuse, racism instead of spewing BTN-fashioned propaganda.

"Looks like Hadi has been influenced by BTN's propaganda that has long been calling DAP a racist, chauvinistic party.

"As an Islamic leader it would be better to urge Muslims to oppose corruption, embezzlement, tyranny, power abuse, racism which are the root problems faced by Muslims and Malays in the country,” he said.

He further questioned if there was an organised attempt to demonise DAP. He also questioned if PAS' motive behind the call to oppose DAP was to champion non-Malay BN-component parties since these groups stand to win most if the people are turned away from DAP.

"Are MCA, Gerakan, MIC more balanced in terms of their stand compared to DAP? Aren't they together with Umno/BN administration that created a culture of corruption, power abuse and so forth? Isn't the race-based parties responsible for racial politics?”

In a ceramah last night Hadi stressed that DAP had no right to rule Malaysia as the Chinese made up only 30% of the population whereas Muslims were 60%.

"DAP has bigger ambitions than to just dominate the economy. It is only through the union of the Muslim society that we can ensure this nation is ruled by Malays," he said, as quoted in a Utusan Malaysia report.

News courtesy of Berita Daily
-The office of MP for Shah Alam-


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