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Video: People Have The Right To Hire & Fire The Government

Video courtesy of Media Rakyat
-The Office of MP for Shah Alam-


Izuddin said…
Join pact with BN MPs for a no confidence vote agaisnt najib. After najib falls, break away from the pack. Do not trust anyone in politics, expecially madey. he is a conniving person.
Anonymous said…
Off course. That is what PRU is all about. What is despicable are those who want to topple government through street demonstration. They are being impatient. Just like sex. People do have the right to have sex. But as Muslim, you should know what is legal and illegal. Just because you have the right to sex, does that mean you can have it the way as you like?
Izuddin said…
Melayu will be bastardised(terbangsat)...haha

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