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Video: Bahas Bajet 2015 - PAS Dibuli BN Bukan PR

PAS has been bullied in the past, but not by Pakatan Rakyat, said Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) when debating the 2015 Budget in parliament today.

Instead, he said the Islamist party was bullied by Barisan Nasional when it ruled Selangor in the past.

"Back then, sermons were prohibited, the mosque doors were chained and microphones were snatched by police during talks by ustaz in homes.

"So yes, PAS was bullied under BN.

"But now, clerics and PAS leaders can speak at mosques, and not only that, they can also speak at temples and churches in Selangor. There is no restriction, no police interference," he said.

Khalid also appeared to offer advice to his own party when he continued to say that "friends should not be over-sensitive".

"Even when you are playing football with friends, you would naturally get elbowed.

“But if you go back and complain to your parents that you are being bullied, then your friends might not want to be befriend you anymore,” he added.

Khalid's remark was in contrast with PAS central committee member Nik Abduh Nik Aziz, who during the height of the Selangor menteri besar crisis said that the party had been bullied since the day of its inception.

Touching on the rocky relationship with its Pakatan Rakyat allies DAP and PKR, and with traditional rival Umno, Nik Abduh had said that when times were hard, allies and rivals alike would asked PAS for help but when times were good, they would leave PAS behind and bully the party

Video courtesy of MP PAS, article by The Malaysian Insider
-The Office of MP for Shah Alam-


Izuddin said…
The judges of the Appeal Court in the Sodomy II made a mess and blunders in their hasted decision to convict Anwar to imprisonment. And, that made it easier for the defense counsel Gopal Sri Ram to seek the Federal Judges to re-look at the evidences that had either been misjudged or wasn't given judiciary considerations
Izuddin said…
We can 'buli' madey, but he isnt afraid...haha. he doesnt give a damn. And because of that our bullies dont work...more laughs

Hadi becomes frightened when he is bullied...haha. He complaints.

Anwar stands up to bulis...
Izuddin said…
I got a feeling there are federal Judges in the on going sodomy case have the answers that there is a benefit of the doubts favoring the defense and seeking clarifications ...and the defense lawyers are not responding correctly. For examples, Justice Suriyadi asks if there is evidence that Saiful’s underwear was washed. Ram says the underwear Saiful had used on the day of the incident was washed but seminal stains were found on another underwear, which he did not use on that day.

Ram MUST respond correctly instead of just giving out his opinions.

What is the 'evidence that Saiful’s underwear was washed'.

Suriyadi is ACTUALLY helping the defense to defend CORRECTLY !

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