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Trio DAP Jangan Campur Urusan Islam

Oleh: Abdul Rahim Sabri (Malaysiakini)

Ahli parlimen Shah Alam Khalid Samad berkata tidak wajar tiga ADUN DAP Selangor "campur tangan" apabila mencadangkan supaya Enakmen Agama Bukan Islam Selangor (Kawalan Pengembangan di Kalangan Orang Islam) 1988 negeri itu dipinda.

Menyifatkan pindaan enakmen itu sebagai "urusan orang Islam", Khalid - yang mencetuskan kontroversi hampir sama pada 2010 – berkata, tindakan wakil rakyat DAP itu bercanggah dengan prinsip perjuangan parti, sekali gus memburukkan lagi suasana.

"Sepertimana mereka tidak mahu orang Islam campur tangan dalam urusan agama bukan Islam, begitu juga orang Islam tidak mahu lihat campur tangan bukan Islam dalam urusan agama Islam.

"Tindakan mereka akan bercanggah dengan prinsip yang mereka perjuangkan sendiri. Malahan ia akan digunakan untuk memburukkan keadaannya lagi," katanya melalui SMS jawapan kepada Malaysiakini.

Khalid diminta mengulas tindakan tiga ADUN DAP Selangor – Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku), Rajiv Rishyakaran (Bukit Gasing) dan Yeo Bee Yin (Damansara Utama) – yang mahu enakmen itu dipinda selaras dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Cadangan itu diutarakan ekoran serbuan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) terhadap Persatuan Bible Malaysia (BSM) pada 2 Januari lalu.

Khalid mencadangkan ketiga-tiga ADUN itu bersabar dan memberi keyakinan kepada umat Islam untuk membebaskan diri dari “permainan politik golongan tertentu” yang ingin peralatkan Islam sebagai alat adu-domba dan perbalahan.

"Usaha pembebasan umat Islam dari keadaan Islam diperalatkan oleh golongan yang bertopengkan Islam perlu dilakukan dan dijayakan oleh umat Islam sendiri tanpa bantuan dari umat lain.

"Ini saya yakin akan tercapai kerana Islam sememangnya mengajar umatnya untuk menghormati hak agama lain,” katanya yang juga pemimpin PAS Selangor.

Kenyataan tiga trio itu dikecam pelbagai NGO, termasuk Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan PAS kerana didakwa bertindak "gopoh".

Berita ihsan Malaysiakini
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Izuddin said…
The Chinese must be patient and not make moves that can cause divisions amongst Pakatan parties and which are detrimental to the struggles for Putrajaya. Let the Pakatan Malay leaders sorts out matters about Islamic BELIEFS the right way. UMNO does not sort out matters according to ISlam but uses the people's BELIEFS about Islam as means to stay in powers.

Also, the Chinese must not react negatively against comments made by the Malay leaders of Pakatan with regards to the suggestions to amend the 1988 Enactment.

The Chinese must stick behind the Malays in Pakatan if they really want to remove BN. I fear the day when these Malays in Pakatan felt threatened and will leave the Chinese.

Just be patient, ok? GE14 is the Kingdom come.
non-conformis said…
Saudara Khalid,
Saya setuju dengan pendapat saudara dalam kebanyakan isu, tapi kali ini saya hendak memberi pendapat saya dalam hal ini.
Adalah tidak betul kalau isu ini (tindakan JAIS merampas bible daripada BSM) dilihat urusan muslim. Tindakan tersebut telah melibatkan rakyat bukan Islam, dan menjejas kebebasan mereka untuk menjalankan ibadah agama mereka.
samada tindakan JAIS tersebut betul atau salah di sisi undang2, ini bukan lagi hanya isu Islam dan semua rakyat (apa tah lagi wakil rakyat) berhak untuk memberi pandangan masing2.
Misalnya, bolehkah saya masuk rumah kamu dan merampas buku text English kamu dengan alasan buku tersebut mengandungi kesalahan "grammar". dan kamu dan orang lain tidak boleh masuk campur kerana ini urusan "orang English" saja?
Sila ingat "Might is not Right". Kuasa politik tidak menyamai kebenaran, dan sama sekali tidak boleh menindasi hak asasi.

Anonymous said…
The question is that Jais has interfered with the non muslim domain by barging into their premises & confiscating the malay bibles. The truth is that it's time to detach religion from the state. I understand you would not accept due to your political party belief.
The amendment was not part of the deal from the beginning. It's amended in 1988. Why not removing the enforcement power by Jais on non muslim? You have mentioned that by educating muslims respecting other peoples' right. Would it be better that muslims including should only handle matters concerning muslims STRICTLY.
Perhaps, SALLEHEN BIN MUKHYI should be reminded that his constituency is a marginal one. If he's not careful, PAS would suffer the same fate befallen them in Kedah & Terengganu
Anonymous said…
The case of a more harsher words. This is from BN

Why is it so important? Because all of them who read the malay bibles come from bumi kenyalang? Christians are the majority in Sarawak. In fact, RTM Sarawak broadcast christian messages.

Even Taib Mahmud, a staunch muslim has spoken. Taib Mahmud is still the chief minister of Sarawak

What are you going to do? Advise Tain to shut up. This is what Taib Mahmud did

Something that is lacking in selangor. Wss it because the last Sarawak Rajah's family name is Brooke.

Sarawak's state election would be coming soon. Perhaps, PAS sction may kiss beting maro goodbye even if majority of them are muslims
Anonymous said…
I hope that non conformis is a malay & muslim. I am extremely happy if he's so. Perhaps, he's been to overseas whereby he saw how muslims being discriminated against. France & Turkey enacted a law that bar women from wearing tudungs. See! What goes around come around

This is a half hearted measure.

The best ways would be as follows:

1) Jais MUST NOT BE GIVEN ANY ENFORCEMENT ON MUSLIMS prior to get a warrant from selangor syariah court


3) Any complaint from the public on matters involving muslim & non muslim must be referred to the state government chaired by 2 exco members with EQUAL POWER. One muslim & one non muslim.

4) Selangor government should set up a multi religious to regulate religious activities. Muslims are not allowed to be aggressively poseltysing their religion if they wanted to be accorded with same respect.

:Tom2One: said…
Dear looes74,

I really hope that you read the whole article and didnt just read the heading and a few paragraphs.

First, YB Khalid like most PAS leaders never condoned such action from JAIS - that was clear from the beginning or we wouldnt even have this conversation in the first place.

Secondly, what was the objective of the DAP trio in making such comment on Selangor Islamic law? Do they really think that the State will just follow their advice and change the law because they say so? Please be realistic. Do they think that their comment would really help solving the problem? Or is it much better if such comment coming from their Muslim PR partner like PAS or PKR? Please note that YB Khalid has mooted this idea way back in 2010 and was getting flak from many Muslim back then too. Or do they think that they can do better?

My third and final point is, as a non conformist that have been to other parts of the world myself, I wouldnt wish or want such thing to happen to citizens of my country or anywhere in this world regardless of their faith. Two wrongs doesnt make it right. What happened there in Turkey was wrong and what happened was Selangor was also wrong.

I also hope that all of us realise that this issue has been blown up out of proportion by UMNO to hide the real issue of higher cost of living in 2014. The real problem is UMNO, get rid of them then we have solved 1/2 of our problem.
non-conformis said…

Have you read the article yourself? It clearly says "Enakmen Agama Bukan Islam Selangor". Which one of these 5 words you didn't understand?

if as elected representatives, they can't give their opinions on the issue, who can? and by the way, why can't a Malaysian give comments on Islamic issue when it involves their interest and rights? as in this case, their holy books had been taken away from them by force. if the opposite happened, what would the reaction be?

we live in a connected world so exclusivity doesn't apply anymore. for example, you can't beat up your spouse and claim it's a domestic issue so nobody should interfere. or can you?

Anonymous said…
Non conformis,
This is really berita baik. Sorry to digress a bit. Time to give proper clarification to Aspan Alias over my comment on Tun Mustapha overzealous Islamisation. I should have used the word tacit approval by Tunku. I believe Tunku would respect everybody including the christians.
I remember in one forum where one guy who vehemently oppose the so called "final solution" proposed by Dzulklify. Was it Khalid Samad? That guys was wee bit condescending as to seem like stopping folks such as Dzulklify from voicing your opinion.
Perhaps, my proposal was kinda crude. Anyway, Taib Mahmud has set up a council made of one muslim & one non muslim dealing with, monitoring on & regulating activities religious actitivites. Be it muslim & non muslim. I think that should be the best approach.

Non conformis,
There are many opportunities of such overzealous approach by Jais would create diplomatic incidences. I am not joking & I hope that selangor exco who in charge of muslim affair realise this & handle them with care.
What happen when an Indonesian, presumably from Sumatra with a malay sounding name carrying a malay bible landed in Sepang airport, being apprehended by Jais? That guy happened to be a christian & immediately seeking justice from Indonesia embassy in KL.
This would have been a very serious affair. One slip up. Violent protest in Indonesia
:Tom2One: said…
Dear non conformis,

First, you are contradicting yourself by saying that we are living in "a connected world" and at the same time suggesting that the content of the (five word that I supposedly didn't understand) "Enakmen Agama Bukan Islam Selangor" have nothing to do with the Muslim.

Secondly, have you actually read the content of the so-called enactment? Or you just assumed the content by reading the title? Do you even know why it was proposed?

I quote the first 3 paragraphs and you can read the rest of it here (
"An Enactment to control and restrict the propagation of non-Islamic religious doctrines and beliefs among persons professing the religion of Islam.

WHEREAS ARTICLE 11(4) of the Federal Constitution provides that the State law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

AND WHEREAS it is now desired to make a law to control and restrict the propagation of non-Islamic religious doctrines and beliefs among persons professing the religion of Islam."

And to suggest that the content of this document has nothing to do with Islam and it was proposed (by UMNO’s interpretation of Islam) to merely protect the welfare and safety of the non-Muslim is totally absurd to say the very least.

Finally, all I'm trying to say is that you will not get anywhere if the Muslims feel that they are under attack from left and right. And by asking for the state to amend the enactment certainly fits that criterion.
Anonymous said…
I hope that you would understand that we are not being condescending when we debate on this matter. Din Merican, former malaysia foreign diplomat has made his point very clearly.

I quote

"And when studying this issue, when seeking out alternative opinions, ponder this: Is Islam a religion which condones the attack of other faiths? Is it a religion that is so small in its worldview that it can approve of one community claiming the term for God for itself? Is Islam so lacking in common decency and compassion?

I don’t think it is and I will not be accepting any opinion that says otherwise, for a religion without the decency to respect other faiths, without the compassion to not attack other faiths, would be in my view a very poor thing indeed"

What we need is a transparent manner in resolving the problems once & for all. This requires leadership that seems lacking in Malaysia. We need Kennedy or Mandela like leaders. I hope that these links would give you inspiration to do the right thing right

Khalid should be like what Mandela did.

JFK has chastised the ketuanan orang putih while protecting the minority

We should not let such politicians prevailed. Time to face it head on.

If you believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Proof it!
non-conformis said…
Dear Tom,
That's exactly my point. Apologies if I didn't make it clear.
I was responding to Khalid's comment non-muslims shouldn't interfere in muslim affair. however, the "Enakmen Agama Bukan Islam Selangor" involves and affects non-muslims. so why can't they voice out their opinions?
I didn't say this "enakmen" is not concerning muslims. by say we live in a connected world, I meant to say nothing that happens in a country should be exclusive to just one group of people. all citizen has the right to voice out because whatever happens in the country (a connected world) involves and eventually affects everyone.
any unjust, even if it doesn't relate to us, we should voice out and stand up. isn't this part of the Islamic teaching?
Anonymous said…
Non conformis,
Good for you. I am bringing you, Khalid Samad & the rest to this attention. I am not talking about the photo of HRH Selangor opening hard rock cafe in melaka. Come to think of it, nothing wrong with that. With due respect, many message parlour were opened in Perak during the reign of Sultan Idris. I grudgingly respected this man for not being pretencious because as far as I knew & heard, no idiot mufti such as Harussani ever exist under the reign of Sultan Idris.

The lineup of MAIS

Do read the news below

So what the PAS exco member going to do about this? Jais is OPENLY DEFIANT that THEY WOULD NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIVE FROM SELANGOR MENTERI BESAR.

"Its chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa said Jais is not bound to adhere to the new SOP introduced by the state government."

“Furthermore, Jais is under Mais, which is also headed by the Sultan of Selangor as the state Islamic chief.

Mohamad Adzib insisted Jais would continue its enforcement activities as usual and the state government had no authority to interfere.

“The state government has no say over Jais’s enforcement activities.”

What sort of wording is this? PAS exco doesn't have cojones? I quote “We only want to improve on their existing guidelines.”. Do you think with such wordings JAIS would not have the similar issue again? Or are you hoping that Jais would strike at one Indonesia diplomat before Jais is forced to stop this bullshit.
What happen to this incident where the federal PSC has bypassed informing the MB in the appointment of Y.B. DATO' HAJI MOHAMMED KHUSRIN BIN HAJI MUNAWI as the state secretary.

It's the Perak State Secretary, a muslim who betrayed PAS by whacking Nizar. KNOW WHO YOUR ENEMY IS

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