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Malaysia's PAS Rejects Draconian Law, Embraces Multi-Faith Nation

Malaysia's government has defended a proposal to bring back detention without trial.

Prime Minister Najib Razak says the police need strong powers to fight a wave of violent crime.

Thirty activists and rights lawyers on Monday staged a protest march to parliament in Kuala Lumpur, which is debating the amendment of the 1959 crime-prevention act.

The government abolished similar powers under the Internal Security Act two years ago, in the lead-up to May's general elections.

One of the critics of the proposal is opposition MP Khalid Abdul Samad of the Islamic party of Malaysia, PAS.

Presenter: Sen Lam

Speaker: Malaysian opposition MP Khalid Abdul Samad, who sits on the central committee of the Malaysian Islamic party, PAS

KHALID: The Barisan Nasional government has reneged on its pledge of making Malaysia a more open and democratic society. Where, after doing away with the ISA (Internal Security Act) and the Emergency Ordinance Act, it suddenly comes up with the amendment to the Prevention of Crime Act, to allow detention without trial, for a period of two years, which can then be further extended for another two years. And we think that in almost every case, there should be a situation where a person who's detained has been proven of his guilt.

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