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Moderation on Alcohol Ban

PETALING JAYA: PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has called for moderation in the face of the ban on establishments serving alcohol from employing Muslims.

"Transformation of society does not happen overnight. A right approach should be taken, especially in handling issues with regards to an individual's stand," he told The Malay Mail.

Khalid believed what the society needed was more education and awareness, and not enforcement.

He felt the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) should have consulted the State's religious department on the implementation of the ban as such a decision would only backfire among Muslims and non-Muslims.

"The decision would only encourage Muslims, especially those who have no qualms working in alcohol-serving outlets, to rebel. Besides, the ban does not offer alternative jobs for these workers."

He said restaurants or outlets which served alcohol could adopt the system used by hypermarkets which segregated the non-halal products to only be served by non-Muslims.

Khalid said although MPSJ had the right to implement laws within their jurisdiction as not every policy would fall under the autonomy of the Menteri Besar's office, discussion with the State government was vital to avoid conflicts.

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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


hisham said…
yer la tu....
benda yang haram lama2 akan jadi halal...betul tak...
tak rugi pas bersahabat dengan syaitan...
sikit lagi ada AL-QURAN versi pas...
nik ajis pun dah bolih bercakap dengan ALLAH memohon maaf bagi pihak ahli2nya..
tak ada bezanya antara ulamak pas dengan pederi kristian..
Serious Shepherd said…
It takes 16 years for Kelantan govt. to introduce dress code ruling. Some would say it's 'lembab' but definitely it's not 'tergesa-gesa' since the duration of implementation allows more time to promote and educate the public about the matter, before enforcing it as a law.

Similar wisdom can be used by Selangor govt on this matter, while able to answer accusations from 'suddenly anti-arak UMNO members'.
Sam said…
Dear YB, although I have great admiration personally for your eloquence and level-headed approach to all issues, it's hard to optimistic about the future of Pakatan and Malaysia.
You see time and time again, just as things seem to be getting cohesive and focused, there is always the tried-and tested-spanners being thrown into the works. Why? Because we are all being asked to tap dance on thin ice. All it takes for the enemy of the people, is to manufacture a controversy with racial/religious or royal undertones and the deck of cards collapses along racial/religious lines, with scant regard to loudly proclaimed pacts of unity.
Just look at PAS folks' reaction to the azan issue in Kg Kerinchi (reminiscient of the earlier Teresa Kok episode). Immediately your brothers jump up in some presumptous "defence of the faith", when the issue is obviously more of decibels. I wonder, is the permissible "noise" (pardon the choice of words) levels in a residential area quantified somewhere in the by-laws, since it covers a wide range of "noise" sources? Or is deliberately left vague to be used as a weapon of convenience? As a sound engineer, I am acutely aware that a chap may have no problem spending a couple of hours in a head-shaking, 115-decibel disco. But put him next to mosque at 6am and he may be climbing up the wall. And it's not entirely perception, but is actually a quirk of the ear's hearing mechanism. Has the Pakatan states looked into this in the last 3 years BEFORE the enemy pokes around stirring the mud? Shouldn't PAS be leading the way in these things, rather than fall for the enemy's bait every time?
L_J said…

Amat sukar mengawal emosi orang2 Islam yang terlampau atau yang mengunakan agama untuk politik. Khususnya di Malaysia di mana orang2 Melayu terlalu dimanja dalam semua hal berkaitan Islam.

Perhatikan sahaja kisah volum laungan azan baru-baru ini. Kononnya, seorang bukan Islam mengadu kepada PM dan PM pula menasihatkan masjid berkenaan menurunkan volum sedikit, hasilnya pengadu dikecam dan patungnya (effigy) di terus dibakar.

Mana ada logik, YB? Kalau hendak pun, orang2 Islam itu sepatutnya membakar effigy PM.

Dunia mereka sungguh menyongsang dan cenderung untuk keganasan, pembakaran dan kemusnahan jika sensitiviti-sensitiviti Islam mereka dicederakan sekelumit. Ini semua demi Islam ke? Apakah Islam begitu cetek dan dangkal dalam pengajarannya.

Sungguh menyedihkan, YB, walaupun tidak begitu memeranjatkan.


Anonymous said…
Islam jenis macam kau ni la bahaya!

Banyak lagi kerja yg tidak melibatkan arak YB Khalid Samad. Sebagai orang melayu benar, kita sepatutnya educate mereka dgn menerangkan HARAM mencari pekerjaan yg ada unsur arak bahkan judi sekalipun.

Aku tak tau la kalau orang umno yg buat kenyataan mcm kau ni, rasanya 3 hari 3 malam kenduri orang pas buat ceramah fitnah & mengandu domba.

Sepatutnya sebagai wakil rakyat pas di shah alam, kau kena bagi kenyataan keras dgn mengatakan Islam tiada toleransi di dalam bisness arak. Dan kau sepatutnya menyokong tiada arak di permis mcm 711 atau hyper market. baru orang respect kau.

Ini kenyataan tepuk dahi ni.

P/S: aku sebenarnya drp semalam lagi nak comment..tapi aku clueless..
Anonymous said…
YB Khalid,

In an attempt to appease your non-muslim political colleagues, your justifications/reasonings are fraught with error. I will list them one by one:-

(i) You say such decisions would only encourage muslims to rebel. Since when have the commandments of Allah cater for the rebellious? Isn't that what Islam is all about? To weed out the faithful and the nons through the conjunction of Allah's rulings? If we start to put considerations to those who have qualms about the Laws of God, then 99% of the Islamic Syariah have to be scrapped off, or put on hold as your government is doing now.

(ii) You also believe that society needed more education/awareness. What part of Haram and Halal, YB Khalid, that needs education at this point? You mean to say that there are still muslims unaware that drinking OR serving alcohol is haram? No, YB. Don't delude yourself and your constituency. If anything, what society needs now is ENFORCEMENT rather than education. And that's where YOU come in. Weren't you elected to show that the Hudud (in which case this enforcement thing is only 0.1% of it) can be implemented? And after winning your seat, instead of pleasing your constituency, you please Mr Ronnie Liuew instead?

(iii) You also mention something about alternatives, should these muslim alcohol servers have nowhere to go. Well, that's where YOU come in, YB. What have you been doing all this while? What has the Muslim-led government of Selangor that so much touted for change, been doing all this while? Why are you people not having that economical finesses to provide such alternatives. Or at least, can you lay out your blueprint on how you will provide that alternative?

(iv) You even have a phrase here, which reveals the most Godless nature of your psyche. You said, "The decision would only encourage Muslims, especially those who have no qualms working in alcohol-serving outlets, to rebel." I repeat. "Those who have no qualms working in alcohol-serving outlets". There. In one sentence it reveals your true nature. Deep within you, you already cater for "those who have no qualms".

Imagine if we were to extrapolate this to secular society. "We should leave those who have no qualms about girls aborting their unwed pregnancies, alone..." or "For those who have no qualms about accepting or giving briberies, could do so at their own peril".

Why are these two statements deplorable? Because it gives the impression that in crimes and societal misdemeanours, one can have a choice, and that a legislative body of society should not touch these individual choices.

So if it is unacceptable in earthly laws, what makes you think, YB, that Allah's Laws are any much lesser?

"Oh", I can hear you say. "I can't be catering only for MUSLIMS alone, now that I am a YB of this area. My constituency includes both muslims AND non-muslims". Err... wait a minute. I thought that's what the UMNO muslim leaders have been saying all this while from Independence day? The fact that they have to represent a MULTI-racial society, something which PAS had been criticizing since Time immemorial about how the UMNO have not been that Islamic?

But then, this alcohol-serving issue is not touching the sanctities of the non-muslims AT ALL! Their rights to buy, create premises or consume until they are dead drunk is still preserved. We are just putting the muslim rulings in their proper place: namely that muslims shouldn't be serving alcohol, as is commanded by the prophet.

ITUUUUU pun kamu nak mempolitikkan isu dan menidakkan syariah semata-mata ianya datang dari parti berlainan? Alangkah bobroknya akhlak kamu, YB!

At the moment, your only appeasement is via the fact that your NikAziz-Hadi bosses are equally blind and drunk with the nectar of poll successes. Else, you have some soul-searching to do, YB.

Benci Arak
Anonymous said…
YB, zaman Rasullulullah orang "baru "masuk Islam, jadi dilaksanakan secara berperingkat2. Larangan MPSJ kepada orang yang dahlama masuk Islam, pun YB tak setuju.? Sepatutnya PAS yang perjuang Islam no.1 sokong lah tetapi sebaliknya bersengkongkol. Apa beza PAS dengan UMNO?

Pemimpin PAS sungguh mendukacitakan.
Anonymous said…
YB saya difahamkan YB ada melawat kilang arak di Shah Alam YB kata ada banyak pekerja yang beragama islam. Apa tindakan YB ambil untuk pekerja islam yang berkerja dikilang arak tersebut.
pemerhati said…
rasanya ko ni dah mlampau2 da..ko ni berguru dgn tok guru mana??..ada pkara perlu didikan n ada pkara perlu dlm kes ini spatunya ko menyokong dan pkerja2 yg muslim yg dahulunya tidak tahu barulah di beri pndidikan serta krajaan slangor bantu carikan mreka pekerjaan baru..kaedah bgini barulah rakyat gembira..aku ingatkan ko dah btul2 kmaruk dgn politik utk mdptkan pgaruh...jgn terdesak sgt...
Anonymous said…
1. My bro. Khalid's views do not necessarily represent Pas or even Islam unless proven otherwise.

so let the pundits be more cautious in attacking Pas b4 hearing Pas's official stand.

2. bro. Khalid.

this is one of many examples of the failure of umno 50-yr rule. in this case , to quote MPSJ, rules pertaining to serving and selling liquor has been enacted/gazetted long long time ago in s'ngor.

but umno did what?

3. so MPSJ perhaps should have spend say 1 month to explain the laws first (if 1 month is too long? 50 yrs is WHAT??).

4. and remember s'ngor and m'sia is not even implementing Islamic laws yet. Just look at the penalties against muslims drinking alcohol and compare to Al Qur'an and hadith.

5. non muslims should be more respectful in not interfering with matters pertaining to muslims/Islam.

It should be noted that not once has Pas interfered with other religions' religious matters since PR took over several states.

6. I disagreed w bro. Khalid but had wished MPSJ should have managed the situation in a better and more engaging manner.
muak dgn pr!! said…
sekali lg dap dh berjy mendakwahkn pas..ape lg yg org dap nk all chinese in malaysia..please try to respect muslim rights!!!

kpd pas..mende2 yg berkaitan arak ni kene la tegas skit..dr tindak tanduk pas ni aku yakin semakin rmai yg xakan undi korng pru13 ni.
Unknown said…
PAS did what it always does, trying to score some votes form Malay Muslim by doing something that ‘sounds’ Islamic. Nonetheless, congratulation to PAS for coming up with such ideas.

However, I wonder if Ronnie Liu going to stop PAS again. He did that last time in Shah Alam and PAS simply concur. Maybe this time he’ll do it again.

Lately, PAS has been following orders from its two younger brothers in politics. PAS is the eldest, PAS should be giving orders to PR’s component party.
L_J said…

Suatu perkara yang mengganjilkan dalam situasi ini ialah kononnya hakikat (atau tidak) bahawa walaupun JAIS suatu pertubuhan dalam negeri Selangor, ia dipengaruhi lebih oleh kerajaan pusat dan istana Selangor dan, sememangnya, pengaruh kerajaan negeri atas pertubuhan it memang terbatas?

Jika keadaan ini benar, boleh kah YB menjelaskan mengapa keadaan sebegini?


Anonymous said…
yb khalid is part of a team. Pas work in a team. YB 's opinion is vital in representing PAs' view collectively. His remarks is not only for the muslim but also a message to the non-muslims!.
(2) in Islam we have consensus. His view is not final and whole but vital - must be heard, and open to criticism! But a rational mind sure shall accept his comments.
YB Khalid's view is welcomed islamically.

(3) 50 years, or more... what did umno do?
Anonymous said…
teruskan YB.
L_J said…

Sesungguhnya saya merasa kesian untuk YB kerana sebenarnya perkara ini begitu rumit. Akan tetapi, untuk, nampaknya, ramai pembahas2 Islam blog ini perkara ini tidak rumit dan terus terang.

Pendekatan simplistik mereka cukup jelas dihayati, yakni (1) arak jelas diharamkan oleh Islam; (2) jadi orang Islam tidak boleh berkaitan dengannya; dan (3) ergo dan justeru, dengan segera orang Islam mesti disingkirkan dari semua penubuhan2 yang ada berkaitan dengan arak tidak penting perkaitan itu mencakupi perkerjaan, perlaburan, penyewaaan, rantaian bekalan atau yang lain baik secara langsung mahupun tidak langsung.

Dalam teori semua ini tampak senang dan terus terang. Tetapi pada hakikatnya ekonomi Malaysia (dan banyak negera kononnya Muslim) ialah begitu terikat dan berserabut kepada pelbagai industry dan sfera-sfera komersial sampai ia tidak boleh (memang mustahil) diuraikan hingga kita boleh memisahkan yang halal dan yang haram.

Hakikatnya kebanyakan wang dan dana yang telah disalurkan kian lama untuk kemanfaatan Islam di negara ini (termasuk pembenaan masjid2, surau2 dan madarasah2) telah didapati dari sumber2 haram macam perjudian, arak, perbankan bukan Islam, perniagaan gadai janji, penternakan khinsir dsbnya.

Jika pembahas2 yang begitu kritikal terhadap YB turut jujur, mereka tidak pun boleh berkerja untuk kerajaan Malaysia yang banyak mendapat hasil dari sumber2 haram dan menyalurkan kebanyakannya untuk kebajikan orang2 Melayu/Islam di Negara Malaysia ini. Itulah hakikatnya.

Dalam keadaan sedemikian yang bulat-bulat tidak terkawal dan tidak dapat dibalikkan semula (irreversible), pada pandangan saya, minat yang bersungguh-sungguh yang ditonjolkan oleh pembahas2 berkenaan merupakan kejahilan, kemunafikan atau keengganan menghadapi (atau menafikan) realiti.


Grand Marquis said…
The real people that suffer from this exercise are the operators of these liquor premises.

If you mind to visit these outlets, as well as most of the hotels that serve liquor, you will notice that more than 50% of their workers are Malay Muslim. If this exercise is implemented, then there will be serious shortage of worker for this industry.

So this move is a matter of protecting the liquor industry rather than the welfare of the Muslim workers.

And to khalid samad, ingatlah pesan nabi S.A.W. Akhir zaman akan ada banyak as saghir yang sibuk memberikan fatwa tentang urusan orang ramai. Mereka ini sesat dan menyesatkan.
Kg Morten said…
Setelah membaca beberapa komen di atas saya rasa apa yang cuba diketengahkan oleh YB tidak difahami sepenuhnya. Pada hemat saya YB cuba mengatakan kita perlu berhikmah dalam melaksanakan sesuatu, bukan tergesa-gesa, perlu ada matlamat jangka panjang (sesuatu yang dilaksanakan akan berkekalan) dan bukan juga tanpa alternatif.

Dari apa yang saya baca dianggarkan 50% dari mereka yang bekerja di premis menjual minuman keras beragama Islam. Ini secara logiknya menunjukkan mereka-mereka ini tidak mempunyai perasaan apa-apa untuk bekerja di premis yang menjual benda-benda haram ini. Alternatif perlu ada jika kita mahu menidakkan punca rezeki haram mereka ini, bukan dibiarkan begitu saja.

*Jangan lupa MAS juga menyediakan arak dan ramai dari pramugara dan pramugari adalah beragama Islam.
Taat pada pimpinan said…
Nampaknya semakin hari semakin hebat si khalid samad nie. Lebih dari Presiden Pas lagi komen dia... Dah lah tak tahu nak hormat pimpinan sekarang sahabat sejammah pun dia taruh ... Kalau dah gian sangat nak jadi menteri pi lah masuk parti lain... Menambah semak dalam PAS je ko nie... Tak pe...Pilihanraya lepas nie kau dah tak jadi calon dah...Selamat tingaal khalid....

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