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Video: Tender Process Only Benefits Cronies (Shah Alam Hospital)

Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) queried the government for refusing to take up the offer from the main contractor of the Shah Alam Hospital to complete the controversial RM482 million project.

He said GM Healthcare, which was engaged by developer Sunshine Fleet as the main contractor of the project, had offered to complete the project within 18 months with a RM3 million discount on the project cost.

Video courtesy of Malaysiakini
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


charleskiwi said…
If only you look into why what you said is right you should really understand that they need the
support of their cronies in Umno at any cost just so to remain in power in Umno and consequently to remain in power of the cabinet.
Shazlan said…

We all know that the federal government 'tak boleh diharap'. I know healthcare is under their purview but can't the state government do anything about this? Residents in Shah Alam + Klang really need this hospital to be up and running. Kesian lah!

Anonymous said…
The state government must start making some noise...come on!!!....

The whole of the Klang Valley outside University Malaya depends only on General Hospital Klang...where it is a one way ticket for anyone admitted there....

Why the hell is the hospital costing almost RM450 million in first place...and puhleaaazzzz dont give it to our Kementerian Kesihatan Fellas to manage will just end up another GH Klang with lots of flower pots...
Anonymous said…
dah bagi peluang masih lagi tak dapat siap.. banyak orang dah tahu masalah ni antara main con dan sub con ... takkan nak tunggu lagi..lewat lagi..

kan elok retender.. awal-awal lagi dah kau spin retender balik untungkan kroni UMNO.. kau dapat pulus ke kempen nak bagi kompeni lama sambung semula.?? maaf saja bertanya??
Anonymous said…
Baik punya promote. Sebut nama GMH pon tak betul. Naper tak promote GM Healthcare buat hospitaltu rm300 jutaje, diskaunla rm180juta (as u claimed current market rate 1mil per bed). You said this company should continue this project, on what basis, don't just because 2mil discount. You should listen both parties said (Shunshine & GMH), then u wil know who make this project worst, who make rakyat shah alam stil didn't get their dream hospital.

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