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‘Duit Raya’ Wipes out Subsidy Cuts

By Melissa Chi (The Malaysian Insider)

SHAH ALAM, Sept 1 – Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said today that he SUPPORTS the federal government’s decision to give out “duit raya” for civil servants BUT pointed out that the payment would COST MORE than RM900 million, which is more than the RM750 million the Najib administration had saved by cutting subsidies this year.

Although the Hari Raya bonus paid to civil servants was not new, Khalid questioned the timing and the federal government’s contradicting actions.

“The federal government’s reason was that the subsidy was ineffective. Those benefiting from the subsidies are from the affluent class as well,” he said.

He pointed out what he claimed was the contradiction in the federal government’s contention that it did not want to benefit the rich and wanted to focus on the poor.

“Now you’re giving out RM500 to every civil servant across the board, as far as I know,” he said, adding that the bonus was given out even to high-ranking officials.

He added that at least the subsidy benefited the poor while the “duit raya” was being given out to people with jobs and pensions.

Khalid suspected that THE REASON behind the federal government’s decision to pay out “duit raya” was because of a similar decision by the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state governments in Penang and Selangor.

“Penang and Selangor gave (the bonuses) because of good governance which had resulted in a surplus in their budget and because of a more efficient management,” he said, adding that even the federal government had admitted to continuous deficit and had to resort to subsidy cuts.

Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider
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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
Plzlah Khalid,

issue bonus pun nak politicizes ke?

You said federal government should give bonus because of budget deficit, but how about Pas-Led Kelantan. With 29.5 million budget deficit in 2009, Do you think that Nik Aziz should also have the right to give RM500 bonus for Kelantan State civil servant just like they did?

You are just cheap politician, man,

Main cakap je
Anonymous said…
Aiyah, he gives out duit raya now as deposit for the upcoming GE mah! We have a bloated public service here, and they are 'safe deposits' to depend on to return UMNO to power. Don need to wait for election to pay them. Who cares about the poor, they have no money and no influence as far as UMNO is concerned. When they come to 'extend help' to the poor, it's only for photo op. That's what poor people are worth to UMNO. Don have to go far, just look at how they fleeced FELDA settlers, Duit masuk poket, peneroka tetap miskin!
Anonymous said…
Salam YB,
RM750 million Najib curi drp rakyat.Baki RM150 million tu diambil dari...????

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