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Video: 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit (MSLS 2010)

At a forum on the Malaysian political mindset, a session during the Malaysian Student Leaders Summit in Kuala Lumpur today, organised by the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC), PAS Member of Parliament Khalid Samad, Khalid, presented a view that the public is already tired of racial politics and is pushing for a change.

“Race politic is a thing of a past, we are an increasingly enlightened nation, i think we realise and we believe that every individual within the nation wants the same, they want justice, they want to be treated with respect they want their rights to be recognized, they want to be part of the nation, they want to contribute to the development of the nation”

Video courtesy of Malaysiakini
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
Syabas YB! Saya amat mengkagumi YB. Hujah yg sangat mantap. Dari video ini, klu boleh izinkan saya berikan cuma sedikit saja feedback. Mungkin pada forum2 seumpama ini yg akan datang, mungkin YB boleh biarkan dulu speaker lain menghabiskan hujah mereka sebelum membuat rebuttal. Mencelah ketika speaker lain bercakap nampak agak kelam-kabut. Minta maaf ye YB. Ini cuma pandangan saya saja. Wassallam.
Anonymous said…
Minta maaf, maksud saya tadi video malaysiakini ketika sessi soal-jawab
Anonymous said…
Bravo YB. U make a good appearance during the whole talks in MSLS. BUT u miss not just change is coming and it is 'Yes, we changed'.
iqra said…
Salam...Malaysians need more explaination in regard to the Islamic principle that brought by PAS in order to reinstat Islamic Society for the Islamic State in future.

Hopefully there will be more forum like this in future, so that people not afraid and depart from ISLAM as we can see in the West suffering from Islamphobic syndrome.

PAS must follow the step of the PROPHET (peace be upon him) in conveying the message of Islam to the society with patience and wisdoms in order to establish Islamic system, there is no short cut for this holy struggle.

The obstacles are not a new issue as far as Islamic struggle is concern, its merely due on misunderstanding and unable to pre-expalin what is Islam all about.

Even the muslim themselves are still confuse because they were thought in a Malay environment which practice Islam as ritual form only and not as a way of life.

PAS as an Islamic ideological based party must do more in order to succeed in this course and the momentum must always with the on button.


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