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Explain to the Rakyat: How Does Helping Rich Malays Benefit Poor Malays?

By Debra Chong (The Malaysian Insider)

SHAH ALAM, Aug 11 – PAS’ Khalid Samad challenged today Umno’s Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to openly explain how discounts on luxury properties work in favour of poor Malays, in a bid to win support from his community.

“Explain to the rakyat: How does helping rich Malays benefit poor Malays?” the Islamist party’s central committee member demanded, in relation to an ongoing public debate over scrapping the obligatory seven per cent Bumiputra discount for luxury homes costing over half a million ringgit and business properties priced at RM2 million and above.

Khalid was responding to the deputy prime minister claim that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders – namely PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and the DAP’s publicity chief Tony Pua – had conflicting takes on the issue.

“Umno is trying to cloud the issue using racial sentiments,” Khalid said and chided Muhyiddin for trying to stir up trouble among Malaysia’s multi-ethnic society.

The Shah Alam MP maintained PAS and its allies in the opposition bloc shared the view that discounts for high-end properties do not help the poor Malays, being beyond their budget; and only served to enrich wealthy Malays.

“If they can afford to buy a million ringgit facility... I don’t think the seven per cent is a make or break matter [for rich Malays],” he reasoned.

“The question of [financial] assistance for Malays is not in the Constitution… only the ‘special position of Malays’,” he highlighted.

Khalid explained that the seven per cent discount was part of the government’s affirmative action policy in the 1970s to balance out the economic disparity among the races.

“Poverty in the country knows no race,” he noted today.

The 53-year-old said savings from scrapping the discounts for well-heeled Malays could be put to better use.

“For example, instead of seven per cent, we can give 10 per cent [to poor Malays] so more people can afford to buy property,” he said.

Other suggestions include channeling the savings into a scholarship fund to enable students to continue their tertiary education.

Article courtesy of The Malaysian Insider
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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


nahmy said…
go YB go! I'm fully with you...
Johan (Copy Dari Msian Insider) said…
KS has forgotten his roots. being a melayu myself I am ashame that there are people like KS who question the rights of the Melayu as stated inn the constitution. open your eyes and look at the countries in nthe region- which government has look after the ethnic population like Malaysia? See what happen in Indonesia the original Indonesians as compared to the Chinese is far backward in all aspects. Just because they are not capable to compete. In Thailand who are the rich? they are the Chinese, however, the use Thai names therefore you don't realise it. In Malaysia how many rich Melayu can you find? the top 10 richest men in Malaysia not even one is a Melayu. KS wake up lah
Anonymous said…
Johan, tell me which part of the constitution of Malaysia that said a rich Malay is entitled to 7% discount for buying a house costing Millions of Ringgit? Also, who made these top 10 richest men? Is it PAS? No! It's UMNO!! Most of these filthy rich billionaires are linked to UMNO. So, who is the one that had forgotten their roots? The UMNO that shout for 7% discount for the rich? Or PAS that try to fight for the poors?
Anonymous said…
johan, you are missing the point!pls read the article the way, the ten richest in malaysia are very far removed from you and me, so it is pointless to refer to them. for comparative reference, go to giant,tesco and carrefour and look at the trolleys of the different shoppers by race...suprised that the bumis trolleys are filled to the brim?? look at the others> do you know that policemen's children are paying with rm50 note?? the malays have arrived...but there are lots of malaysians who need help still... so cut out the race slant plz.
The pity is that many Malays have been led to believe that they live in Paradise where others work and the Malays get the perks through contracts and rent seeking like many of those Directors sitting on the Boards of many large Co-operative Societies in this country where the poor workers savings are used to enrich the Directors a la UMNO style. The modus operandi of UMNO and BN has crept into even the NGOs and Co-operatives and the Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia hides its head in the sand like the ostritch and does nothing to regulate these Allowance Collecting Directors.

Malays have only themselves to blame. If they cannot progress over 50 years of heavily subsidised and free affirmative action there is no chance that they will succeed in even 500 years when most of them carry Degrees from organisations with heavily manipulated pass marks. Just give them a Dato ship and some contracts and they think they have achieved what Bill Gates or Ananda Krishnan or Vincent Tan achieved through sheer business mettle.
Anonymous said…
Johan,while people move forward you are way backward. Do you realise that there are many properties in Kl costing above RM280k where the 7% are taken by the rich Malays in no time causing disappointments among the average malays who were told that the quota had been filled up.They can also buy low cost houses to be rented out.plapsOf course they are many malays who are rich but insist in their being educated by the govt. They use their connections and cable.So, wake up Johan there are malays fooling the malays
Geisha Jepun said…

Where in the Federal Constitution does it say that rich Malays shall be given discounts to buy expensive houses?

Cukuplah merepek tu.
L H TAN said…
This JOhan is a joke. Do you know how many Melayu yang kaya. Most of my Malay friend kaya raya because you know why? Why? They never mix with poor malay like you. They always travel overseas. YOu can visit Bukit Kiara, Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. See for your self then comment. Looks silly on you.
leekh said…
Heh Johan, all poor people need help. Do you think your Malay brothers will come to help you if you are poor? Do you think that the rich CHinese help the poor CHinese? You better go ask. Open your eyes. OPen your ears. All poor people need help. Millionaires buy million dollar properties. They should be ashamed to ask for help from the government. Money should be channelled to the poor man. Do you want to subsidize anyone buying BMWs for their wives to show off? WHat about the diamonds all over their bodies? DO you want to "help" the rich Malays buy 1st class plane tickets?
Wake up man!
zubir said…
Memang tepat sekali. Orang Melayu yg sudah kaya raya tu tak sesekali pun mengambil berat kebajikan saudara-saudara mereka yg masih miskin. Projek-projek mereka dibagi sesama mereka sendiri, yakni golongan yg kaya. Tak sampai-sampai pun kpd kita ni yg miskin meskipun berkali-kali diminta.

Bukan main berlagak mereka tu di dlm kereta mewah mereka, memandang rendah kita ni bermotor kapcai. Di khalayak ramai, bukan main berlagak lagi kononnya pandai speaking, meskipun perbualan adalah sesama kaum sendiri, seolah-olah kita ni tak wujud.

Memang jelas sistem pembahagian kekayaan negara di antara orang-orang Melayu berat sebelah ataupun telah salah-digunakan of golongan-golongan tertentu. Hak istimewa Melayu apa? Banyak di antara kita ni cuma tidur 4 jam atau kurang sehari, terpaksa bangun pukul 2 pagi setiap hari membuat kuih-muih yang dijual di tepi jalan atau kaki lima kedai orang lain. Pada pukul 2 pagi, orang kaya Melayu di mana? Kalau bukan lena tidur, ada kat pub-lah happy dgn member, betul?

Nampaknya orang kaya Melayu menjadi semakin kaya manakala orang miskin Melayu menjadi semakin miskin.

Jadi, diskaun-diskaun rumah mewah memang harus diberhentikan memandangkan ketidakseimbangan yang dialami!

Si Johan (3:49pm) ni kalau bukan buta dan bodoh, mesti dari golongan orang kaya Melayu. Kini, ia bukan soal "Hak Istimewa Melayu" lagi tetapi "Penyelewengan dan Penyalahgunaan Hak Istimewa Melayu"!

Begitu nyata bantahan mereka ni bukan pasal "Hak Istimewa Melayu" tetapi "Hak Istimewa Melayu Kaya"!

Johan, tak perlu susah payah membandingkan dan membabitkan kekayaan kaum lain untuk merumitkan perjuangan kau tu. Siapa rajin kerja, tanpa kira kaum, maka kayalah dia. Bukan seperti orang Melayu kaya kita sendiri ni yang saya amat malu kerana kekayaan bukan akibat titik peluh sendiri tapi tipu menipu mengambil kesempatan hak istimewa Melayu!

Johan, meskipun majoriti kaum kita masih miskin, kita ni bukan bodoh lagi yang dapat diperalatkan dan diperbodohkan oleh mereka yang kaya raya seperti kau ni!!! Hidup Melayu!!!
Anonymous said…
There is a huge disparity of income between Malay and other races. Why are you making a lot of fuss about it? Malay should be given higher discounts instead. Equity not equality!!!!

I am not being a racist..but the fact remains that other races are becoming greedier and greedier...
Why ? Because we have so many "tolols" among the malays who support them just garner their votes.

YB, your arguments are going nowhere.....just to please certain quarter to garner their votes.just like DSAI.welcome to club of "tolols".

Anonymous said…
Orang Melayu Islam yang kaya bayar zakat untuk orang islam yang miskin, di tempat saya orang Melayu yang kaya tolong buat Masjid. Cuba pandang luar dari kelompok kita untuk cari kebenaran.
Shazlan said…

Can I suggest that PAS propose so that the amount saved from the 7% are actually given to the poor. Just to shut UMNO up, say 3% goes to the Malay population, 2% goes to the chinese and indian, each. I would like to see how UMNO will play their race card now :)
Anonymous said…
Mari kita tenangkan fikiran di blog warisan

Anonymous said…
Welcome to the well disguised wave of Orientalism, semi socialism of oldie far East, the familiar calls once made by the Malayan left, the champions of the Malayan hunger, the unwitting Malays that were made excellent baits. Stop this nonsense. Hope SB takes notice of this.

Mun siew
telur dua said…
It won't benefit the poor, but it would definitely benefit someone like Moohideen.

The poor can't afford a 500k house anyway. In fact most Malaysians can't afford a 500k house.

One only need to do some simple Maths to expose the lies.
charleskiwi said…
At least this would make more Malays into the rich list !
Anonymous said…
Salam, YB.

Tajuk "How does helping rich Malays Benefit Poor Malays?", saya berpendapat agak too general dlm isu memberi diskaun kpd bumiputera untuk rumah mewah.

Melayu yang berkemampuan (dari segi pelajaran, pengalaman dan modal)yang kaya boleh lebih berdaya saing dan maju. Maka golongan melayu ini boleh memberi peluang kpd yg kurang kemampuan atau miskin seperti pekerjaan, sambil berkongsi pengalaman dan seterusnya pengalaman dpt diteruskan/digunakan. Zakat juga dibayar (wajib) untuk membantu.

Tapi pemberian diskaun kpd rumah bertaraf mewah kpd bumiputera pula lain isunya. Isunya masih praktikalkah dimana harga mencecah RM500 ribu ke atas? Berapa kerat bumiputera yg mampu?

Mungkin ada mekanisma lain perlu diambil untuk lebih praktikal?
Dr. Sharifuddin said…
Untuk makluman Tuan:

Sila rujuk kepada sebuah rencana yang menyentuh tentang komen Tuan mengenai pemberian diskaun kepada golongan kaya-raya.
Anonymous said…
What the inequality gap between the rich and poor malays?The answer is THE HIGHEST COMPARED TO OTHER RACES!!
Anonymous said…
Johan ini adalah golongan elite kufu UMNO.Mesti dapat projek besar besar kan? Johan dan sekutunya takut apabila UMNO tersungkur dia jatuh miskin.Kalau dia bukan UMNO mesti berfikiran rasional dan tak takut dengan apa akan jadi pada esok hari.Johan, UMNO bukan penentu nya tau.....ingat...kalau kita rajin dan berusaha dan sentiasa beriman insyaAllah apa pun....siapa pun kita tak gentar.Mentaliti Johan sama dengan mentaliti rakan-rakan saya yang penyokong UMNO>
dukuhead said…
well, going by the "mandi" concept, if the rich malays take a shower, some of that water which washes off them will trickle down to the poorer malays. that's uhm, err, probably how it works(?)

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