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PWD Should Takeover Shah Alam Hospital Project

By Nurul Huda Jamaluddin (The Malay Mail)

The Public Works Department (PWD) should takeover the controversy-riddled Shah Alam Hospital project, Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad said today.

"Currently, the construction is slow due to the dispute between the main contractor Sunshine Fleet Sdn Bhd and subcontractor GM Healthcare Sdn Bhd. During my visit two days ago, the manpower working at the site seemed to have reduced tremendously.

"PWD has to take action fast by taking over the project so that it will be completed on time and with no extra costs. However, we do not want the federal government to re-tender the project.

"If they terminate the contract and appoint a new contractor, it will cause more delay and increase in price. I want to preempt that this would be unacceptable. The residents in Shah Alam has been waiting for the completion of the hospital for years," he said.

Khalid said the PWD can manage the project and do "what they must" as long as it is completed on time. "I am confident the government can take this as a challenge," he said.

At present, the project is 26 per cent completed.

"The contractor has performed on schedule all this while. Actually, they can perform. Unfortunately, since the problem between the main contractor and the subcontractor occured, the project has been delayed.

"Any delay is an additional cost to the government. We cannot let this happen," he added.

In a report on Tuesday, Sunshine Fleet Sdn Bhd, the main contractor for the new Shah Alam Hospital and a company owned by the Selangor sultan's sister, had obtained an injunction from the High Court to stop Bank Rakyat from releasing payment to GM Healthcare.

GM Healthcare had filed a suit to wind up Sunshine Fleet for breach of contract and outstanding payments. The suit came after The Malay Mail reported that Sunshine Fleet director Putera Azamuddin Shah Abdul Aziz, 28, had filed a petition to wind up Sunshine Fleet via his counsel at the High Court registry in Shah Alam. This was after Sunshine Fleet failed to respond to a one-day notice of demand by GM Healthcare for RM10 million, the bond it placed with the PWD on behalf of Sunshine Fleet.

Putera Azamuddin, who is the Selangor sultan’s nephew, named his mother Tengku Putri Arafiah, his uncle Tengku Abd Samad Shah and the company as respondents. His mother, who is the Selangor sultan’s sister, and his uncle are directors of the company.

Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor had claimed his officers had inspected relevant records and work progress and found no evidence of breach of trust or contract. He said they did not find technical problems to warrant any action at the project site.

On claims that the project cost had ballooned to RM482 million from the initial RM300 million, the minister had said such situations were common as prices for materials may increase, so it would be okay to include the cost into the overall construction budget.

He had also said there were no work delays on the project.

Last December, Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua pushed the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to probe the hospital fiasco, including the controversial manner the contract was awarded by the PWD.

The contract for the project was awarded to Sunshine Fleet in 2007.

It was also reported that Isyoda Corp, which Sunshine Fleet had originally sub-contracted the project to, was unable to complete the project after facing some financial constraints. Sunshine Fleet had then sub-contracted the project to GM Healthcare.

Initially slated to be completed in November this year, the project was granted an extension to June next year.

Despite being the Selangor capital, Shah Alam does not have its own public hospital yet.

Courtesy of The Malay Mail
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
Salam YB
Format baru blog YB 'kureng' skit..
Anonymous said…
YB, please don't let this project be another fiasco. Please continue to monitor and press for action.
Anonymous said…
Apa la YB ni.
Semua nak hentam. Apa nak buat structure tu senang ke apa?? & structure memang la lambat..sebelum tu procedure nak luluskan bangunan pun ambik masa.

bagi la yg bernas sikit YB..sikit sikit nak hentam je..kata x-engineer petronas. takkan tu pun tak tau.
Anonymous said…
YB terus kan perjuangan..

dan saya setuju format blog YB kereng sikit la..

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