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Islamic Governance by Word and Deed

PAS must prove by its word and deeds that Islamic governance is just, said Khalid Samad, the party's Shah Alam head.

The Shah Alam member of parliament was responding to remarks by DAP chairman Karpal Singh recently that he still believed Malaysia was a secular state with Islam as the official religion, and ruled out any compromise to based on federal constitution.

“It is his (Karpal's) right. (We) can't force him. It is up to us to prove by word and deed that Islamic governance is just,” posted Khalid on Twitter.

Prior to that, PAS Murshidul Am Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat said Karpal's statement on Islamic state was his "personal opinion".

“I have yet to hear anything official from DAP except for some statements from certain individuals,” said the Kelantan Menteri Besar.

Last week, Khalid was quoted as saying that the Islamic state can be implemented at the state level.

"If the majority of the people in one state agree to the setting up of an Islamic State, it will then be implemented in that state," he was reported by the Malay Mail as saying.

Khalid, who was admitted at the University Malaya Medical Centre in Petaling Jaya, was discharged yesterday (4/07/2010).

On his health, Khalid said he was warded due to unstable angina.

Courtesy of HarakahDaily
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
Dear YB,

Hope you are well and recover fast.

We (all races) need you for next GE.

Good Health & take care

Best regards from all my family.
Anonymous said…
YB Khalid Samad please take care of your health. We want good,moderate and hardworking YB like you.I like the way you analysis Islam -so humble and simple to follow.
Anonymous said…
salam yb, that's very well said: that the onus on your party is to demonstrate how its so-called islamic creed across national spectrum. good governance, justice, respect and tolerance towards differences of opinion, values and in general, human diversity. keep reminding those on the far right that moderation and dialogue are our requisite practices of the new politics.
get well soon yb, inshaAllah.
Anonymous said…
"If the majority of the people in one state agree to the setting up of an Islamic State, it will then be implemented in that state".

Another execuse of not implementing Islamic law when PAS comes into power. Trust me, these people will be leveraging on this statement. again..again...buying more votes ????

Islamic law is supreme, why do you need to call for referendum etc? If that is being the case, there is no need for PAS to be present. Sounds like UMNO political statement!!! If you can sell the name of "Allah" which Pope does not want to use, you can sell anything under the sun!!!!!!

My piece of advice, don't behave like DSAI, on bended knee to the a true stateman like Tun Mahathir..please watch the interview with BBC news sometimes back. First class mentality in dealing with Israel.
Anonymous said…
Salam, YB

Alhamdulillah. May Allah grant you a long and healthy life.

We trust your judgment in these matters. Please look to improving PR in terms of making sure only the good people are given power, and everything else will fall into place, inshaAllah.

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