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First PR Convention: Crucial Point in Pakatan’s Learning Curve

By Beh Kay Hieng (Free Malaysia Today)

KUALA LUMPUR: One of the main objectives of this Saturday’s Pakatan Rakyat National Convention is for the opposition alliance to “get its act together,” according to Pas’s Khalid Samad.

In an interview with FMT, he acknowledged that there had been too many skirmishes among the three parties of the alliance since the last general election, but he described the clashes as points in the learning curve.

However, he added, the public “may stop being forgiving if we continue doing this.”

Khalid is the MP for Shah Alam and a member of his party’s powerful Political Bureau.

He said the convention would be an important stepping stone towards ensuring a proper mechanism for decision making.

He said that although Pas had its Islamic ideology, DAP its social democracy and PKR its liberal democracy, the three parties have a common goal: a better government that benefits all Malaysians.

The three parties, he added, must understand and support one another’s ideology instead of each pushing for just one ideological approach. He hinted, without giving details, that this matter would be adequately addressed through the much talked about Common Policy Framework.

For Pas, he said, the objective is two-fold: to convince Muslims that they must adhere to Islamic principles of good governance and social justice, and to convince non-Muslims that they can be equal partners in a society that is governed according to Islamic principles.

He said Pas was trying to reinforce among its members the understanding that no one political party can survive on its own, that it has to cooperate with sympathetic parties to ensure effective governance.

“Pas itself must carry out more internal briefings with members so that they can understand and get used to the idea of working in a coalition” he added.

Another Pas leader said the party was cognisant of its role in strengthening the Pakatan.

Salahuddin Ayub, one of the party’s vice-presidents, said: “We are looking forward to the convention for the sake of the country. People want Pakatan to be in power after the next general election; so we have to be serious with the Common Policies.”

He said the Common Policy Framework would address such issues as the federal constitution, civil society, civil justice, education and religion.

At the convention, keynote speeches will be delivered by Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, and Hadi Awang. Among the other personalities who will speak are Tony Pua, Sivarasa Rasiah and Salahuddin himself.

Courtesy of Free Malaysia Today
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
congratulation on this historic occasion. never in the political history of this nation has such an event happened. BN lost its 2/3 majority and 5 states. Bn now is in damage control. Having said that , Please Pakatan do not underestimate BN who have all the resources and tools at hand to defeat Pakatan as happened in PERAK. BN is not going to make it easy so stop bickering and behave as the Media can spin and spin all sorts of insignificant stories to distract malaysians from the current problems afflicting our nation that is a stagnant economy, rising crime rate. urban poverty, high inflation , rising unemployment among graduates. low salary structure and migration of young and professional talents and 2 million alien running around. This is the new malaysia left behind by DR M through years of misrule , corruption and bad governance and no accountability. Even jet engines can go missing _ i wonder what else are missing but not reported yet. This is a sad day for malaysia. Is change possible?
monolithcolony said…
apa yang sejarahnyaa..saja nak tutup kepincangan pakatan rakyat jerr apa laaa..berkerjasama dengan DAP mcm kerjasama dengan zionis hahah

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