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Video: Tazkirah Ramadhan - Perjuangan Menegakkan Islam

Tazkirah Ramadhan hari yang ke-22, Perjuangan Menegakkan Islam oleh YB Khalid Samad.

Description of this video object

Video Tazkirah Ramadhan ini adalah ihsan TVSelangor
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…
tq yb khalid
opo said…
jazakallah khairan kasiro YB
Anonymous said…
Issue pertaining to Islam kalau betul kenapa tak sibok pasal kilang beer yang besar dekat Shah Alam.
Anonymous said…
Dear YB Khalid, there are so many debates, comments, etc defending this religion and that religion, etc in Malaysia. All I can say is that Malaysians have become a very hypocritical bunch of people, regardless of their race or "professed" religion. I am of Chinese race, who grew up in a so-called Buddhist family, in a Malay kampung. I moved to KL, and in my older years now, have become a Christian. My experience is that the people of all religions and races in Malaysia usually get along very well until the politicians start to instigate and manipulate. In the general day to day life, the majority of the people are NOT religious. Yes, there is a tag in our IC that says a person is of this religion or that religion. And politicians also like to tag people that way. But let's all be honest. NOT everybody who is Malay really believe of practice Islam. Many are happy to be able to drink liquor, or eat non-halal food, and never go to the mosque to pray. Similarly many Chinese who are tagged as Buddhist are not really Buddhists. Buddhist are supposed to be vegetarians. But many so-called Buddhists in Malaysia are actually eating all kinds of meat! And many people tagged as Christians in their ICs don't even bother to go to church on Sundays. And of course many who are tagged as Hindus are actually consuming beef. But nevertheless, all these people of various races and religions are happy to mix with each other, work together, play together, etc, UNTIL politicians come along to separate them. And that is the saddest part of Malaysia. What should have been a strength of the nation has been turned into a source of friction. The people have been made to focus and quarrel on their differences, rather than to enjoy each other's differences! When we were young the Chinese kids would always rush out to watch the Malay processions with the beats of the kompangs, and we always get mystified by the Azans. Similarly the Malay kids would always come to watch the lion dance during the Chinese new year and other festivals. These differences in culture make life interesting in Malaysia. Let's all celebrate our different cultures and use our diversity as a strength. And yes, let's all not pretend to be so pious, but spend more time criticizing ourselves to improve ourselves.
Anonymous said…
So Buddhism is all about eating sayur,and true Islam is all about not drinking liquor..if both Islam and Buddhism were that simple,why Prophet Muhammad,and Sankhya Muni @ Siddharta Gautama took the tough road/ process of bertapa(for years!) and suffered so much to find out the causes of sorrow,sadness,afflcitions of mankind?All they had to do was recyle what Confucious had sayur,dont drink liquor,stay away from drugs..the drafters of our Rukun Negara and writers of tatrakyat are perhaps more enlightened then the Buddhas and Nabi Muhammad(SAW)..
Anonymous said…
Dear Anon of sep16, 2:31pm. I think you miss the point of the previous comment, although I do agree with some of the things you say.

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