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Pendapat: Fight Against Alcohol and Gambling

We received a couple of emails regarding the call to ban alcohol sales in certain quarters in Selangor and we would like to know what you think. InsyaAllah YB Khalid Samad will write on this issue as soon as he fully recovers from the recent "Kembara Royalti" trip.
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-

Email 1
Thank you very much for your e-mail and also your effort to post my comments. I am very interested to see what other people think of my comment (good and bad) and actually tried to do so by going to YB Khalid's web site but can't find it. As you must have realize by now, i am not so tech savvy after all and would most appreciate it if you could assist me on how to do it. My thanks in advance.

On another matter, if the recent reports in the papers are dependable, the Chief of Selangor PAS Dr. Hassan had openly called for the removal of YB Liu on the beer matter, which i personally opine is most regrettable in 2 point of view ;

1) In a plural society like ours, there must be some form of uniformity in laws and regulations and his call to have one set of rules for Muslim and non Muslim areas sets a very dangerous precedent, sort of like them (non - muslim) Vs us (Muslim) mentality. Is this what PAS really stands for or this is just YB Hassan's personal view? However we must acknowledge his concern on the selling of beer among Muslim and ALL underaged drinkers, muslim or not.

2) The Mayor of Shah Alam had confirmed that the seizure was done without authorization and YB Liu is just doing his job by diciplining the officer concern. Calling for Liu's resignation demonstrate a serious lack of professionalism and inability to do things without getting personal.

I think many people like me would appreciate YB Khalid's stand on this matter since it took place in YB's area and i also hope you could assist me in getting this message to YB Hassan.

I would like to make it clear that a lot of people like me (moderate non Muslims) respects the lifestyle and believe of our Muslim Brothers and our opposition is to YB Hasan's method of addressing issues and not the issue itself. Of course we do not agree that alcohol be sold to Muslims but this so called solution could lead to widening division of the Rakyat (courtesy of years of BN rule) which we are all fighting so hard to bridge this gap.

Please remember Pakatan and specifically PAS reps was elected because we are all sick of BN (and specifically UMNO) and we are NOT RACE OR RELIGION BIAS. We are also sick of ALL divide and rule policy and want to live as Malaysians regardless of race and religion. The MCA brought up an interesting point, beer had been sold in non muslim kedai runcit in mainly rural Malay areas for decades but in an urban setting such as Shah Alam it has become an issue.

Maybe YB Khalid can educate some of his party colleagues of what living in a plural society is all about.

Again i wish to stress we respect the rights and believe of our Muslim brothers. We just wish some would respect ours.

Best Regards,

Email 2
Since you are close to the Pakatan people, I thought maybe you could pass a little suggestion to Pakatan re the fight against alcohol and gambling.

In reality there are a lot of people who would support the restrictions on the sale of alcohol and gambling, irrespective of whether they are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists or even atheist. Unfortunately the push for the restriction on the outlets selling alcohol and gambling is often undertaken by PAS only, and thus it appears to be a PAS versus everybody else effort.

Why not work closely with the Christian churches, the Buddhist associations, the various social NGOs etc to fight against alcoholism and gambling? A united front will be more successful. I don't gamble. My whole family do not gamble. We drink occasionally. But I would be happy to see fewer alcohol outlets, which make it easier for me to cut off alcohol 100%. And I would be happy if my children stop alcohol 100% too. I don't understand why politicians think that PAS is the only one against alcohol and gambling.

Excessive alcohol and gambling are social problems for all religions and races, and have lead to many family and marriage breakdowns.

Even in another "sensitive" area like pig farming, frankly nobody else except pig farmers would want to live next to pig farms. Or for that matter any animal farm, as they really stink. Even the Chinese do not want to live next to pig farms. Maybe in the Pakatan states, there could be some effort to move the animal farmers to go downstream to the business of meat processing with imported meat. The money in processsed meat is much higher than animal farming. Anyone buying sausages or salami in a supermarket can notice that a small packet of those processed meat cost more than a few kilograms of raw meat!

I hope the politicians from Pakatan can put their emotions aside and come out with more creative ideas. Don't let BN hijack all the issues to pit PAS vs DAP vs PKR.



Anak Perelih said…
I wrote this at my blog...
restriction of selling Alcohol in Shah Alam

First of all.. What Hassan Ali mentioned was not a blanket ban but a restriction... and these restrictions only applies to kedai runcit, 7-11 and Muslim restaurants.... and in Muslim majority areas. In these kind of areas, those who manned the counter especially at 7-11 are Muslims. And based on the comments wrote in Malaysiakini Vox Populi, I found that nearly all the writers are ignorant about Islamic law concerning alcohol consumption. Muslim are not only forbidden to drink alcohol.. but all activities in producing it as well as in selling and serving it.. Thus, Muslim who manned the 7-11 felt their rights as a Muslim was violated when they have to sell alcohol....

The sensitivity of having a shop selling alcohol in Muslim majority area is akin to having a shop selling beef in a Hindu majority area... and this what makes the residents in Section 8 to protest for the selling of alcohol at Section 8 7-11 outlet. ... To have a unity between races and religions in this country, we should be more concern with others race or religion sensitivity. We should respect other believe and cultures. Without this sense of sensitivity, we will have racist and religious bigots around us....

BTW.. I felt that we should have more controls on outlets selling alcohol as being practiced in some states in the US where minors are not allowed to buy alcohols there.. and to apply it here.. minors and Muslims should not allowed to buy it... some procedure and checking should be implemented and I think the only outlets that can do this procedure/checking is the one licensed to sell alcohol as they need to maintained their license. Other outlets like what we currently have will not really implements this procedure/checking properly as what we can see with the selling of cigarette to minors - They still sells it to minors....

Tinta Hitam said…
Sudi sudi lah layari blog saya utk ulasan isu yg sama
There is sin everywhere- all sorts of sins - but can you take away sin so that people can be shielded from it.
God has given us the strength to overcome sin and it is our duty to fight it.
You can place 10 pretty prostitutes infront of me and ask me to take anyone as a treat and I will refuse the offer.
You can put RM10,000 as corruption money and I will refuse to take it.
I am not boasting and I am sure you will do the same in the above situations.
Hassan is stupid to focus on beer. What about illicit sex, urut batin by Malay girls, incest, corruption, gambling etc.
Hassan is trying to empty the ocean with a small spoon?
That Idiot must join UMNO and save PAS from being hates by the non-Muslims. Believe me, many Chinese are getting sick of PAS because of Hadi, Mustapha, Nasarudin and Hassan.
Fortunately, Nik Aziz is still there. May God give him long life.
Anonymous said…
"Please remember Pakatan and specifically PAS reps was elected because we are all sick of BN (and specifically UMNO) and we are NOT RACE OR RELIGION BIAS."

dear mr chan...

Please remember Pakatan and specifically DAP reps was elected because we are all sick of BN (and specifically UMNO) and we are NOT RACE OR RELIGION BIAS.

PR Voter
camcamni said…
No doubt that we all voted for PR the last election irrespective of race, colour and party except for BN. My 2 children who are 1st time voting, was influenced by me to vote for PAS and they came out proud when their candidate won.

We transcended thru all lines and came out victors and after PR had taken control of Selangor, we felt the change and wanted things to go on and hope for a better Selangor.

Then came all these infighting with all 3 parties throwing mud and stones at each other, not only in Selangor but in all PR held states.

Lots of issues were discussed and lots of accusations came out into the open. Recent death of Teoh was becuz of some overzealous PKR MP who claimed he had lots of info of corruption on Sel Excos. So its history now that someone has been killed but things still wont stop there.

Hassan Ali now stir up another issue on the beer selling which was activated by the seizing of beers in Shah Alam 7-11 store. This was followed by actions on PAS Selangor to call for resignation of DAP Exco Ronnie in the open by Hassan as SEl PAS Head. Does Hassan not know any decorum? As the head, he should be the most sensible guy and should be the guy who is to calm things down but insetad, he took the lead to stir the shit.

Hassan's history is never nice and his action on discussion with BN-Toyol after the results of GE12, showed he is power crazy to be MB. Why dont he just say he wanted to be MB and Khalid should resign too?

If PR is to be so petty and likes to fight among each other, then its goodbye after this term.

Respect each other in everything and dont force things onto others. If you educate your people well, they will not go wrong and if the beer dont sell well in Shah Alam, you can bet the shops will not stock any as its costly to carry stocks of beer. I dont drink but I dont stop others from drinking. Dont forget, lots of your voting supporters are also beer drinkers too. Think twice before you act so harshsly.
Unknown said…
Dato, realy respect you and the heart you have for malaysians.

Its people like you that we began to love PAS.

after seeing Dato' Nizar we are very proud PAS is for all.

Just that PAS and DAP are at other extremes in Ideology, the enemy is trying to break us into pieces.

UTUSAN malaysia was RED today.

you are doing a great job,
your bro the MP of JB would be proud of you even if he does not say it. believe me PAS is more tolerant than UMNO, but some decisions seem like UMNO decisions.

let PAS stand out for principles of its own and not in UMNO shadow.

we trust you dato! Thank you
Anonymous said…
Isu sekarang ni bukan isu arak...Pengharaman arak memerlukan masa yang panjang dan pendidikan modal insan yang rapi...

Isu sekrang ini adalah isu campur tangan excutive terhadap penguatkuasa...Isu Ronnie ni macam isu hishamuddin suh FRU tibai tu lah...

Ini unsur2 kerajaan BN...Pecat Ronnie...
Anonymous said…
Drugs and Gambling are even more serious problems than alcohol. And although alcohol is still a social problem (not just a religion problem), the kedai runcit and 7-eleven are the least of the problem. The heavy alcohol abuse take place in the night clubs and KTVs. And even if these are mostly in the Chinese areas, Muslims frequent them too. And these joints are usually operated by well connected owners, and thus rarely get harassed by the authorities. And in some of these places, drugs are distributed. So maybe PAS is barking up the wrong tree by going after the kedai runcit.
As for gambling, most of the Ah Long victims' problems can be traced to gambling.
Problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling are social problems, and not so much a Islam problem only. So the Pakatan parties must work together to fight these problems. Going after the kedai runcit will not solve the problem. There must be a big effort from all parties, the NGOs, the various religious organizations etc to improve things. And you also need the BN people to help. If the police and the customs dept do not help, there is little Pakatan can do to clamp down the three problems mentioned. As for Hassan, Nas, and Zul Nordin, I think they belong to UMNO and should move there, if they are not already UMNO's men. Same goes for Wee also. He should be in MCA. Pakatan should kick these 4 jokers out of their various parties. We elected Pakatan to work together. But these 4 jokers seem to revel in tearing Pakatan apart.
Anonymous said…
MAS and Air Asia serve alcohol, even to Muslims on the plane, no questions asked. And yes, served by Muslim workers too. Why doesn't Hassan Ali go raid their stores and their planes? Is it because these two airlines are operated by UMNO supporters? Is Hassan Ali marching to UMNO's drum beats?
Pernas run hotels that serve alcohol, and served by Muslim employees too. Is Hassan Ali too scared to raid these big boys?
Is he just going after the small kedai runcit to create trouble for PAS, DAP and PKR?
We challenge Hassan Ali, and also Zulkifli Nordin to organise a raid to all the big 5-star hotels in town as well as MAS and Air Asia, for serving alcohol. We want to see UMNO whip their own shit stirrers. We want to see Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin organize a RELA raid to all the above places to arrest the Muslim employees and managers, and managing directors for making the Muslim employees serve alcohol. Don't pick on the small kedai runcit like a big bully.
Anonymous said…
In this country these zealous religious bigots only intimidate the small men and women but shy away from VIPs.
Even a female civil servant is reprimanded by her superior for not wearing the tudung.
Now why can't these religious police threaten the VIP's wife for the same offense. I think, all previous PM's wives never wore the tudung.

Some VVVIPs have a well stocked bars in their homes?
Some of them bring their girl friends to 5 star hotels for a one-night stand.
Do you think the Religious dept guys have the balls to raid their rooms?
Do you think they dare confront a VIP holding a glass of brandy in his hand in a public place?
By the way, has the Religious Dept guys ever arrested a VIP for similar offenses I have mentioned above.
Anonymous said…
Dear PAS & DAP,I want you to know that many non-muslims support the issue (lesser gambling&liquor)but not the means.Can you pls tell those points scoring peers to NOT use the mainstream papers to blast own PR guys.It's stupid bcos those media guys will headline that PR is in crisis again and again.BN will take advantage of situation.From now on can you guys pls quarrel inhouse,there is no need to tell the whole world your quarrel.I cant believe i need to advise you guys what to do!Another stupid outburst like this,pls count me and alot more out in the next election.
Anonymous said…
PAS is barking at mickey mouse, what's the point? PAS shd try barking at 4Ekor,Toto etc(controlled by big big timers protected by the govnment) and the night clubs (controlled by big time underworld protected by everybody knows)...PAS can become extinct if these well connected people's income is affected.So these are the real issues for PAS to meddle,not little Ronnie,Jeff Ooi,who just speak a bit too much.
Greenbottle said…
all these bickerings and washing dirty laundry in the open is very good learning process that PR has to go through.
My wish is that all the extremists in all the three parties PKR PAS and DAP will start learning to accomodate each other and by GE-13 PR will be mature and strong enough to weather all storms .

please do not forget the greater bring down BN...

all these silly issues about alcohol, babi slaughter house and i'm sure many more to come should be resolved in the spirit of give and take and mutual respect...both opposing parties have their good points and justifications...but lets not fight and destroy everything.

grow up....
Anonymous said…
UMNO and BN will be very happy to watch how PR component parties, their members and supporters are acting. They are now planning something to put more fire. In politics, if you are not strong enough, make use of your opponent's weaknesses.
Anonymous said…
Sports Toto, Magnum, Pernas' 5-star hotels, Genting, Eraman Duty Free Shops, Air Asia, MAS, ...Hassan Ali DARE NOT touch these joints, because if he does lay a finger on them, his UMNO masters will pulverize him into a pulp. Hassan Ali, prove me wrong by raiding all the joints named above. Confiscate their liquor. If you dare not do that, it proves that you are an UMNO member. Please go join them openly instead of staying in PAS to create trouble. Don't pretend to be a hero by bullying small kedai runcit stores. Go raid Concorde Hotel and see if you will get banished from Selangor state. Hassan Ali, prove to us that you are not a coward by taking on the big boys.
Anonymous said…
Hassan Ali's actions will destroy PAS and Pakatan. But maybe that is what he wants.
Anonymous said…
The comments generally give a clear message to PAS and its fellow Pakatan brothers and sisters. It is high time Pakatan look at problems and issues from a SOCIAL point of view, and not always through the lens of race and religion. Basically most social issues are common, regardless of race or religion. Excessive alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, family and marriage breakdowns, poverty, education, etc are common to all races and religions. Approaching them from a religion angle only leads to a divided society. But approaching it from a social angle through joint efforts will help unite the people. And this is what Pakatan needs to beat BN. BN dominated Malaysia via a divide and rule strategy. Pakatan can win by uniting the people. But before that can happen, Pakatan itself need to be united. Stop fighting openly. Stop bickering over small issues. Focus on uniting the people and start fighting for them over common issues. The leaders should get tough and kick out those who undermine Pakatan. Start by getting rid of Zul Nordin, Wee, Hassan Ali, and maybe even Nas. If they like BN so much, ask them to join BN.
Shazlan said…

1. The comments that Hassan doesn't dare to touch MAS, Genting, etc. is kinda irrelevant. MAS and Genting are beyond Selangor's government control. So, how do you control something when you do have the authority to?

2. I agree with the comments above (if agreement can be considered as a vote). Alcoholism and gambling are issues common to everybody - not just Muslims only. PAS can take the lead but should never try to implement or force the implementation alone. In a plural society, you have to work together and not being a lone-ranger.

3. Based from my personal observation, DAP leaders (except for the likes of LGE, so far) are very 'allergic' to anything that has a tag that says 'Islam'. Of all people, PAS should already be aware of this. To move forward an agenda with lease resistance, you guys should be more politically smart. Don't say you want to do 'this and that' because Islam tells you to (though it is very true), but relate the issues with the non-Muslims (ie. how it is beneficial or better for them, etc.).

4. Lastly, mau tak mau, as a Muslims, we have the obligations to 'amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar'. Efforts must take place and for this, I commend Hassan Ali - though I have to say that I disagree with his methods.

My two cents.

Anonymous said…
Agreed with a lot of the comments why Dr. Hassan only target small shops and not MAS, Airsia, 5 star hotels which also have muslim workers. If he wants to be MB jus say so and not use YB Liu as scapegoat. He can also quit and join UMNO and hope they can win the next election. But he better hope Khir Toyo would be gone by then. For the record i support the ban on selling alcohol to Muslim and underage but not an outright ban. Others have rights too. Why can,t he propose a stiff penalty to those who defied this order instead of outright ban?
S.L. Chan said…
There are times that we should reflect the past and maybe this is the moment to do so. BN and specifically UMNO had ruled this our nation for more than 50 years.

Although they started out very rakyat oriented (think back the T.A.R years-our 1st P.M.) along the way escecially during Tun Mahatheir's time is more about their own members than anyone else. Not much later PAS came along with its vision of a govt based fully Syariah Laws. So for 50 years or so this is the reality. For as long as the DAP existed i do not recall the leaders of this two party can even share a meal together but now they are in the same govt and campaign for each other. Why may i ask? Shot gun marriage? I do not agree.

As i said earlier, BN and UMNO got themselves into this mess with their greed, arrogance and blatant disregard for basic human rights. The rakyat like us got tired and we see the opposition as an alternative. We are sick of their dividing tactics for we know ALL races from varying religion fought for indepence and lived in harmony for 50 years. However for thier own selfish sake they are willing to break this all up so that they could emerge as community heroes, nevermind the damage it could cause to our nation.

I would like to stress that although i do not agree with PAS general vision, we all know that Islam has a set of Universal values and it is a beautiful religion, we did live together for 50 years remember. As some readers had suggested we are not confuse. We know exactly what is required. After 50 years its time to move to the next level. Some visions was formulated at a time when understanding amomg races are low but not today. Like i said earlier "PAS FOR ALL" captured our imagination and in no way are we asking PAS to turn its back on our struggle, just be realistic. PAS together with its PAKATAN partners can do a great service to its struggles by promoting a govt that is not corrupt, respects differing views and background and be progressive. In short be want is BN not today.

As a non muslim, i do not gamble and can't even remember when was the last time i took alcohol (yes, its was that long ago). I do not encourage my child to do so either. However there are others who do and i respect their rights even though a ban on this things do not effect me.

At the end of the day, politics is also about making the lives of the rakyat better. Now how could that be done if there is constant bickering?

PAS, DAP and PKR is in a coalition today because the people irrespective of race and religion want ALL OF YOU to sit down and work together based on common sense and universal values, like i said earlier be what is BN not TODAY.

We do not see our brothers as this race or that religion, just Malaysians. My dream is one day all of us can say the same.

Best regards,
S.L. Chan
baan said…
Tolong pjgkan mesej ni kpd MB s'gor.. kerajaan BN pun penah/masih guna amalan kawalan kendiri bagi kempen jgn jual rokok kpd remaja bwh umur. saye rase majoriti masyarakat pun tau kaedah ni tak berapa nak membantu. so, kesimpulan saya.. objektif PAS tidak akan tercapai dengan kaedah yg terbukti gagal!
Anonymous said…
Hassan Ali wants to be MB. That's why he keeps creating trouble for Pakatan in Selangor. He has not given up his dreams of forging a PAS-UMNO alliance to take over Selangor state with himself as MB.
Anonymous said…
Any businessman operating a business that need a licence or any permit knows that unless money flows, you will not get your licence or permit.
If you want a alcohol permit, then you got to pay money lah! If you want KTV licence, you pay again lah. If you want cybercafe licence, you pay lah. No wonder then that any town council will be happy that permits are needed for any business activity.
Anonymous said…
UMNO is under pressure on the ISA issue, so Hassan is creating a diversion for UMNO, by redirecting public focus from ISA to alcohol.
Com'on Hassan, just go join UMNO openly, instead of mucking around in PAS to create trouble.
Tuan Jamil, komen tuan terpaksa diedit kerana menggunakan kata kesat. Harap tidak berulang.

Yb, kami mahukan jawapan tentang kelulusan tanah PKNS untuk dibina Kuil hindu oleh kerajaan PR di Seksyen 23. Kelulusan tersebut disokong oleh exco melayu dari PKR dan PAS. YB pernah berbalah mengatakan zaman PR tiada lagi kuil hindu akan dibina dikawasan melayu, nah apa sudah jadi. YB merupakan seorang pemimpin yang *******. sila layari

Mencari keuntungan dunia dgn janji yang palsu. Menyesal sy mengundi YB.
Anonymous said…
next GE,
make sure PR doesnt noe field again mustaffa ali, nasharuddin for any seat in kelantan, hassan ali, zulkifli nordin if he still not change, ronniue liu, manika kapar..they will bring downfall to PR
Anonymous said…
To be called a good Muslim, a good Christian, or a good Buddhist, the particular individual must be subjected to temptations, and then show his or her faithfulness to God by turning away from temptation. This is because God gave us the freedom of choice in our behaviour. God did not make us to be robots.
Anonymous said…
Pakatan component parties should focus on what they can all agree on first. Fight against :
1) Drug distribution.
2) Corruption.
3) Freedom of expression.

If you all cannot even focus to fight together against things you can agree on, why bother fighting on things you cannot agree on, like alcohol?
Drugs are killing our kids and even adults. Why aren't Hassan Ali and Zulkifli Nordin taking on this issue? Drugs are everywhere. The rehab centres are in bad shape, with drugs even being available inside rehab centres and prisons. Do I hear anything from Hassan and Zul? No, nothing!
Corruption is draining our national treasury, at the expense of all Malaysians. Do I hear anything from Hassan and Zul? No, nothing!
Do I hear anything against OSA from these two jokers? No!
Their behaviour would be expected of the UMNOputras, yet these two jokers claim they are from Pakatan. WHat an insult to Pakatan to have these two.
Anonymous said…

PJ Hilton and Sheraton Subang are two big joints in Selangor with restaurants and bistros selling alcohol and served by Muslim employees. And the beer served in open mugs and jugs do spill on their hands. The managers there are very insensitive to their Muslim employees. And I wonder if the managers are Muslims too, who make their fellow Muslims serve the alcohol. Please ask Hassan Ali to go and raid these two big hotels. And while they are raiding PJ Hilton, please go over to Crystal Crown Hotel in PJ to raid them also. Yeah, please check if there are any female Muslim masseuse in Crystal Crown's "fitness centre". We want to see Hassan Ali tackle the big boys. It is more efficient to make one big hit, than to do a lot of small little raids. Why not confiscate beer by the barrels, and also cases of expensive hard liquor, instead of a few dozen bottles of beer? Does Hassan Ali only dare take on the small players with no connection to the big wigs?
Anonymous said…
Salam, YB.

I agree with Shazlan's comments.

Dear Malaysians, the ban is for muslims and we do hope non muslims respect such move. Non muslims can enjoy alcoholic drinks at home or private area and muslims do respect that.

Perhaps this move is just a start/beginning and will cover to other places when time is ripe i.e. understanding and acceptance of people.
Anonymous said…
I just watched an interesting documentary on Astro, talking about the early days of Los Angeles. Bars and pubs were banned in Los Angeles then. But guess what? After the ban came into effect, its mayor, city hall, and the LA cops all went into cahoot with the mobsters to control the business of pubs and bars. The LA police of those days even own and operate the illegal bars, and even acted as bouncers while in uniform!
It gives food for thought. What happens in Malaysia when something is deemed illegal or banned? In almost every instance, the trade gets taken over by the triads. So once you ban the kedai runcit from selling beer, the gangsters take over the trade. Khalid's is wise to suggest the use of boycott instead of a ban. A ban would certainky gives rise to triad control of the trade and corruption of the policing authorities. On the other hand a boycott can be very effective. That means the store has to choose between losing a lot of business of the Muslims if he peddles a few bottles of beer. If he is dependent on Muslim business, he has to stop selling beer. Very effective. You can notice that a lot of the Chinese eateries have voluntarily gone halal in order not to miss out on the Muslim customers. The mid-scale "kopitiam" is a very visible example of voluntary implementation of halal eateries.
Anonymous said…
Pakatan is so politically naive compared to BN. By Pakatan's own actions and its own squabbling over petty issues, BN has been able to divert attention away from its own problems to get the public to focus on Pakatan's problems.
Suddenly people have forgotten about PKFZ. Forgotten about land scams. Forgotten about ISA, OSA, and SA. Forgotten about Istana Toyol. Forgotten about the collapsed education system. Forgotten about the Mongolian C4 affair and RM 500 million. Forgotten about the rape of the forest in Sabah and Sarawak. Forgotten about the lopsided contracts of the highway concessionaires. Forgotten about the lopsided contracts of the IPP. Forgotten about MACC and Teoh Beng Hock. Forgotten about RPK. Forgotten about PI Bala. Yes all forgotten, just because attention is now all focused on Liu and Hassan. Yes, Hassan Ali is so very clever to single handedly help BN pass all the bad publicity to Pakatan's table. I always wonder what the PAS, DAP and PKR people talk about when they have meetings? Or do they even meet at all to thrash out issues before going public with a united stand? I don't see any united stand except when Nik Aziz, LKS and DSAI stand together during pre-elections. Pakatan, get your act together, have common stand, and kick out anybody that stir Sh*& in public.
Anonymous said…
When the police cracked down on the selling of pirated DVDs, the triads responded by closing the stores, and then peddle the DVDs by runners at food courts and coffee shops, and even doing house deliveries. When the Ah Longs cannot have shop fronts, they plaster their advertisement everywhere and they use prepaid mobile phone numbers either unregistered as previously, or registered with fake personal details. Now if you ban sale of beer in kedai runcit, the triads will take over the sale of beer by doing home deliveries! And when triads do business, guess which corrupt governing authorities work hand in hand with them? Soon beer will be loaded into unmarked protons, which become stores on wheels, to peddle the beer. Call 1-800-BEER88 for home deliveries?
Hafiidz said…
Peace be upon the readers and YB,

I would like to bring to your attention, a news,that is analogous to what is happening here.

A suburb, in Sydney, Australia has voted to ban bottled water sales in their community. BOTTLED WATER, not even alcoholic drinks.

As a muslim, I would like to support the move to ban the sales of alcoholic drinks, but the method at which it happens must be acceptable by everyone.

As noted by several readers and the e-mail attached, alcohol can be a social problem, not only specific to muslim community. I would applaud if PAS could properly discuss with other PR partners to bring about chances and mechanisms for the community itself, to vote if they would like to ban alcohol sales in the area.

Just a suggestion, I hope this issue could be properly handled, as some parties would seriously milk everything that they can from such issues.
Anonymous said…
Ahh.. Pakatan, you are all such a mess. Always quarreling among yourselves out in the open. All shooting yourselves in the feet. But still, come the next election I shall still vote for Pakatan, be it DAP, PKR or PAS, assuming PAS is still with Pakatan. In my constituency it is PKR vs UMNO, so I will vote for PKR lah. Because while Pakatan is a mess, the other alternative BN is pure EVIL. So I will choose the MESS over EVIL !!!

Ah Beng
Anonymous said…
Nik Abduh said...,
"Arak bahayanya tiada yang menyangkalnya. Jika ada, sah dia UMNO ultra, tak kiralah dia PAS atau DAP"
Anonymous said…
"God has given us the strength to overcome sin and it is our duty to fight it.

You can place 10 pretty prostitutes infront of me and ask me to take anyone as a treat and I will refuse the offer.

You can put RM10,000 as corruption money and I will refuse to take it.

Ok fair enough, I believe we should not have any rules in this world, right?

Anyone can sell drugs, as what you say - God has given us the strength to overcome sin - Assuming all the ppl in this world has that strength to not buying the drugs?

Funny ...
Anonymous said…
PAS, DAP, PKR, all of you please WAKE UP. Your squabbling over petty issues has doomed Pakatan!
Hassan Ali going after petty issues.
Jeff and his big mouth.
Zul Nordin the ultra big mouth.
Hadi and Nas with their love affair with UMNO.
Wee who shoots his own people to help MACC kill his colleagues.
The people are ready to get rid of UMNO and BN. But the three musketeers cannot get their house in order, fighting for mini power even before Pakatan can get into real power. Bad mouthing their own colleagues in public. Full of frogs who have been bought over already and creating trouble, but the leaders are not tough enough to kick them out. Habis lah. One term wonder. I wonder.
Shazlan said…

I hope we can hear (read) your thoughts and actions on this issue soon, especially since this falls in your constituency.

Anonymous said…
Squabbling over petty issues. Taken advantage of by BN. Yes, a mess alright. But I will still vote for Pakatan! Hey, even in our families, family members do quarrel. Even husband and wife, brothers and sisters do quarrel!
Anonymous said…
All should get this straight: BN introduced LULUS two big breweries into Selangor! BN introduced duty free alcohol into the army (where the majority of soldiers are Muslims!). BN LULUS gambling licences to Magnum, Sports Toto, Big Sweep, etc, and BN LULUS ALL the gambling outlets. And BN LULUS Genting Casino and Star Cruise. BN LULUS all the kedai runcit to sell bottled beer, even into majority Muslim areas. So why is BN all of a sudden also adding fuel to Hassan Ali's fight against selling of beer in kedai runcit in Shah Alam a PAS area, but keeping quiet and still happily selling beer in UMNO areas???? Hello PAS, please wake up lah. You are being used by UMNO to cause trouble to undermine Pakatan. Hassan Ali, why can't you use your otak? Or are you already a KATAK, and know exactly what you are doing to kill Pakatan. Somehow I tend to think Hassan Ali is a very smart man, and is actually deliberately killing Pakatan. He wants to be MB of Selangor under an UMNO government. He wants to create trouble for Khalid.
Anonymous said…
To Hassan, Zul Nordin and Wee:
If you have forgotten your promises to the voters, we will vote you out in the next GE. And to your bosses, if you don't sack your people who forgot their promises, we will vote you out too. If Pakatan is the same as BN, then why bother changing to Pakatan?
Hassan, Zul and Wee are a disgrace to Pakatan for undermining Pakatan. But I cannot understand why their bosses have not done anything. We should kick out Zul Nordin first to show an example, since he was the first to cause trouble. Anwar, are you like what BN say you are, talk one thing and do another thing? You seem to be confirming what BN says if you are still protecting him. If Zul Nordin is what PKR is all about, then I don't want PKR. If PAS is like what Hassan and Nas represent, then I don't want PAS. I still trust people like Nik Aziz and Khalid, but if they cannot control people like Hassan and Nas, then I am having doubts about PAS. But I am still praying and hoping that things will change for the better. But time is running out. UMNO seems to be moving into high gear to crumble Pakatan. Thanks to help from Zul Nordin, Nas and Hadi, Wee, and Hassan Ali to score own goal.
Anonymous said…
I used to vote for BN. Under BN, I can drink alcohol. I can buy my beer at 7-Eleven after I finish work. I can also go to pub. No issue. No public hoohaa. Then I vote for PAS. Now PAS say we cannot drink beer, and cannot buy beer. I stay in Shah Alam, but PAS tell me to go buy beer in PJ Chinese area. Hello, after a long day's work I don't want to drive all the way to PJ to buy beer!! Why under BN got no problem, and now under PAS got problem. And then that stupid KJ monyet pretend to join in the fray to try to ban beer when his own blady UMNO was the one who say can sell beer, and still can sell beer in all BN areas. Must we vote for BN just to be able to buy beer?
Hassan Ali got no problem, too free, and look for problem!
S.L. Chan said…
If there are any doubts concerning moderate non-muslims in their support for PAS, Dr. within one press conference had wipe those support away in an instance. Now i really regret in telling my friends to support PAS. This whole issue is not about DAP or other parties supporting the selling of alcohol to non Muslims. Like i mentioned before, no one in their right mind would support this. On a broader scheme, there are federal laws in place and also the rights of non-muslims to buy beer as the laws allow them too. I am a non muslim who does not drink or gamble but respect the rights of others who wish to.
Dr. Hassan is an extremist and the way he targets YB Ronnie smack of personal agenda. The Mayor of S. Alam himself already said that basically they had jumped the gun and have no right to seize those beer. And some how the licensing director is an UMNO member had escaped Dr. Hassan. I personally believe that Dr. Hassan and his ilk have no place in a multi racial society and the PAS leadership must decide once and for all to only rely on support of core fanatics such as Dr. Hassan or whether PAS wish to have a broader more inclusive agenda, in other words living up to your slogan "PAS For All". This beer issue could be resolve simple by demanding for stricter enforcement and punishment to those who sell to Muslims instead of outright ban. Could Dr. Hassan be an UMNO member in disguise? Anyway with people like him in PAS, i don't think there is any difference.
Anonymous said…
Actually the whole thing is so stupid. Unlike politicians, luckily the rakyat of various races and religion still do mix around. Now it is not uncommon for Muslims to ask their non-Muslim friends to go bungkus food for them during puasa time, especially during lunch hours. And it should not be a surprise that pretty soon, those Muslims who want to drink beer, will ask their non-Muslim friends to buy the beer on their behalf, or maybe just visit their non-Muslim friends to enjoy a little beverage!
All the problems are created by the politicians like Hassan Ali to undermine Pakatan.
Anonymous said…
I am wishing, sorry correction, demanding that Pakatan take action against Dr Hassan (by sacking him from the exco) as its very clear now that he is actually a closet UMNO supporter and hopes to be MB by creating issues for Khalid. Make it easier for him to join UMNO (he would have an excuse u c). I feel so sorry for people such as YB Khalid who try so hard to bridge our differences but because of a personal agenda of one person all of Pakatan's good work go down the drain. Even if PAS were to pull out from Pakatan due to the sacking, it would be o.k. as in the long term DAP and PKR can work on the support of moderate rakyat without the disruptive influence of Dr. Hassan.There are so many issues such as Istana Toyol,Sdr Teoh's death, MACC, ISA to look at but he somehow must focus on one. At the same time i think Zulkifli Nordin should be sack too so that Dr Hassan would have at least one companion.
Anonymous said…
For those who thinks that they regret to vote for PR because of this incident,then go ahead vote for BN next time. Its your own choice. One person who stays in Shah Alam even said he has to go to PJ to buy beer if it has to be banned. Ridiculous! Don't you know alcoholic drinks can damaged your liver? And you are drinking it in on a regular basis , after hard day work !! Ask your doctor or google it. That's going to affect your liver and what about your brain? It has become a social issue among the Indian family....
I dont see any wrong in banning this intoxicated drinks from 24 hours or kedai runcit. It will help to reduce any untoward unhealthy consequences. If you want to drink, go to the pubs then.
S.L. Chan said…
I think Anonymous who posted a comment on Aug 16 asking anyone who disagree on the beer issue to go ahead and vote for BN is missing the point.
The whole issue is NOT about the beer itself which a personally agree if taken EXCESSIVELY could be very bad, in terms one one health and social well being.
The whole issue is about :

1) Respecting the rights of non-muslims residense of Shah Alam who wish to consume and sell beer. This rights are also consistent with Federal Laws. They could also had voted for PAS.

2) At the same time the rights and well-being of Muslim MUST also be protected via stringent enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale to Muslims. Buyers and sellers must be punished severely.

3) The S. Alam council had basically broken rules when they seize the beer. They could be sued and the state govt., meaning the rakyat would have to foot any legal bills and awards should they lose. YB Ronnie is just doing his job when he reprimanded the council.

4)If people such as Dr. Hassan and his ilk is allowed to impose their personal views and ideology on the people at will, what is next then? Ban beer state wide? Ban pork also? Lights on in Cinemas? When you are part of the state govt, especially in such a diverse state as Selangor, you must have an open mind and remind oneselves that its a multi-racial society, so there are no simplistic solutions.

5) Why is Dr. Hassan so focus on the beer issue in S. Alam, which by the way is not his area. There are other issues such Istana Toyol, MACC. If proven, what Khir Toyo did was also against Islam with his house. Inthe case of MACC they seems to target only opposition MPs which i think in Islam, must be fair to everyone. Why Dr. Hassan must focus only on one issue is truly baffling.

Let me repeat here that we voted for Pakatan and not the other side because we hope to have a viable two party system as we can't stand the corruption, race and religion based kind of politics and general disregard for the rakyat's well being. We were hoping parties such as PAS and DAP could work together based on universal values. If PAS were the same old chauvinistic party, i can safely say support would still be limited to certain areas of the Malay heartland but now we see support in cross sections of society. Can this be done without the support of DAP and PKR and also the promise of PAS for All.

Dr Hassan is the poster boy of "PAS is NOT for All".

So you see, the issue here is not only about the beer, but about Pakatan being a better alternative than BN. With Dr. Hassan's and Zulkifli Nordin's action, its raises a lot of doubt whether Pakatan can fulfill that role.

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