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Is Pas Really for All?

We received the following through email and thought some of you maybe interested. What do you think?
-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-

Dear YB Khalid,

I think by now there are a host of comment on the unity govt issue, PAS call for a ban on SIS, your President condemning the 30% bumi requirement abolition and also selling of alcohol in S. Alam. For you info i am a non Muslim and had been a life long supporter of the opposition and obviously supported Pakatan last March. A combination of disgust for UMNO's arrogance, the impotence of their side kicks such as the MCA, MIC and Gerakan and aslo finally we (the non racial moderate voters) though that PKR, DAP and PAS speaking AND thinking as one ensure they lost the 2 third in Parliament and also 5 states. PAS slogan of "PAS for All" and your visit to a church soon after your win gave us hope that Pakatan is the original representative of One Malaysia, not them.

Boy, how things could have been so different after only 1 year. First we have your President and his Deputy wanting a Unity Govt with UMNO which ensures only membership for Malay Muslims only. Them a motion to ban SIS submitted by YOUR division. Whatever spin that your party try to put on this 2 issues, we the voters are sometimes smarter than you think and its hard to believe that the they just want to "talk" to UMNO and as for the motion its just "wrong wording" or something to that effect.

Obviously there are a great number of people in your party who thinks that they can now go do it alone or work with UMNO to capture the govt thus able to leave about half the rakyat out of the picture, the very same people who with the help of your DAP and PKR partners, supported PAS. The same people who had NEVER even THINK of supporting PAS in the past is now doing so because we believe that PAS had a newer, more progressive generation of leaders such as your self and we think to ourselves, 'boy finally a genuine 2 party system for Malaysia". How ironic that it takes the revered Tok Guru, a 80 year old leader to knock some senses into you guys, and that was barely enough.

I hope your party leaders and yourself please take a minute and reexamine what your REALLY mean by PAS for All and explain again to the people. Since all of you guys claim to be God fearing people, the last time i checked, in the eyes of God, misleading the people is considered a sin.

A very disappointed supporter.

S.L. Chan


Setuju dengan apa yang diutarakan oleh saudara Chan, Sekiranya Pas tidak berubah terutamanya Hadi dan Nasha dengan sifat Ultra nasionalis Kemelayuan mereka berdua ini, jangan Haraplah PAS akan dapat menjadi Pemerintah di peringkat Persekutuan dan begitu juga di Sabah, lupakan mimpi Pas untuk memenangi walaupun cuma satu kerusi saja. Kami di Sabah tak perlukan Parti yang tak konsisten pendiriannya, Pas for all cuma jadi bahan politik tetapi inti sebenarnya PAS for melayu.
Anonymous said…
I share the same thoughts with S.L.Chan.
PAS disappointed me.
mohd said…
salam yb

walaupun sy pun tidak senang dgn sesetengah "perangai" dap dan pkr, namun email di atas adalah berkaitan PAS dan sy amat setuju dgn en s.l.chan.

kecewa terhadap isu UG yg di mainkan oleh sesetengah pimpinan PAS amat pedih utk ahli PAS spt saya dan ramai lagi.

perkara ini di mainkan oleh umno semasa manik urai dan di tempat lain telah kelirukan ramai ahli PAS dan org atas pagar termakan dan telah mula mengkritik tgna dan pimpinan lain spt yb sendiri.

percayala sekiranya UG ini jadi,saya akan mengetuai ahli ahli di tempat saya akan keluar parti dan jadi tidak berparti.senarai akan sy fax kan di ibupejabat PAS dgn nama,no ahli dan no tel., dan akan fax ke merata media
nur mohd nidzam said…
The guy makes alot of sense.PAS was suppose to bring nons closer to islam like how IR Nizar have done in perak but what he got was accusations of being a agent or puppet of DAP.This racist elements certainly is very much alive in some PAS people.Shame on this people who supposedly are islamic examples.What is their logic for joining forces with a corrupt regime.They have failed the Party,the people of all races that supported them and they have failed in their mission to project and promote islam to the nons.shame on them.
Anonymous said…
Is it true that according to Islam it is ok to lie if you are fighting to survive? This will explain why PAS can lie to all when it says that it is for all. At the end of the day when victory is in sight PAS will say do you think that all the kafirs and munafik will give us the support if we dont make them feel happy and safe?
Ren Shen said…
Malaysian politics have been molded into racial partisans in which it is not going to disappear within one general election. It takes time. PAS's recent action seems to regress towards racial partisans. Some PAS members felt the need to unite the Malays? Unite against whom? Who's your enemy?

However, PAS has to be reminded that the Free People (also known as non-muslims)in the past 5 decades have been adopting the line of "Better the devil that you know (corrupted UMNO) that the one you do not (PAS hardliners - aka Talibans).

As long as we do not see the success of any Islamic state around the world, the Free People are would not be willing citizens in one.

It's not that we are against the religion. It's that we do not want to live in a failed state.
Anonymous said…
PAS for ALL...Malays.....
seriously, as a non-muslim, i hope that Pas is for all...

and for that to happen, only member of Pas can help us to realise this dream...
matmantau said…
Dear S.L. Chan,

Refer to your remarks on the letter, me as Malay Muslim would like to share my 2 cents opinion.
1) There is a different between Malay & Muslim…. If a Malay, they would think from racist perception…. Malay supremacy… As a Muslim…. They believe in ‘God’ fearing… So in M’sia context… there is different between UMNO & PAS… we fear Allah more than ordinary UMNO… If we fear Allah more….. we as PAS, would not do what Allah has forbidden.. such corruption, power abuse, distributing wealth among cronies, racist etc…
2) On Unity Govt, my view was that our leader has set conditions that the talk only could proceed with the attendance of others Pakatan Rakyat members.. however.. UMNO has spun the issues that only to cater only for Malay Unity… As I remembered the idea of Unity Govt was voiced out during Tun Abdullah’s time…
3) On SIS, my view was that it was purely on Islam’s matters, religious matters… we just suggested that, if what SIS is strictly followed what our Allah, our Prophet’s way… no way, PAS would like to ban them.. is just that.. if they didn’t comply what our Allah, our Prophet’s way, so we requested the appropriate authorities to take action… that all… if SIS still resisted.. most probably, they’ve to change their name …
For example… everyone of us is working either as employee or make own business, sure our companies or the businessman has set some precedent, rules or regulation.. just to ensure their workers have to comply with it…
Same as Islam… our ‘Creator’ has set the terms via Al-Quran and Al-Hadis… so for cases for non-compliance with it, surely we need to take action on it…
4) To resolve it, I believe that.. currently, the Pakatan’s members is still in level of understanding phase with other components.. please give time… it was not even 5 years.. please give chance before next election..
To conclude that, I would rather place my hope on those types of people rather than most corrupted people… for the past 50 years, we’ve robbed in daylight… sure we don’t these thing will continue for another 50 years…

My 2 cents opinion

nur mohd nidzam said…
Salam yb,
The guy makes alot of sense.PAS was suppose to bring the nons closer to islam like how YB Nizar have done in perak but all he got was accusation of being a DAP agent and puppet of DAP.Some in PAS is hell bent on doing the opposite in scaring and chasing the nons away from islam.What was their logic in wanting to join forces with an evil regime like umno?Racist to the core,is this what examplerary muslim leaders are suppose to be?I am hugely disapointed with the party leadership like many others but the most dissapointing thing is that they have failed the party,failed the people of all races that had huge hopes in them,they have failed in their mission in promoting islam to the nons.
nur mohd nidzam said…
Dear yb,
I sent a comment earlier this morning but it is not visible in your blog.maybe yb busy.I have sent another just a few momment ago.If you publish my earlier comment please ignore my second as they are simmilar.thank you and have a good day.
Dato' Zainal Maarof said…
Cukup jelas sekali PAS itu bukan untuk semua.

Sahutan 'PAS For All' cuma satu 'propaganda' untuk mendapatkan undi bukan Muslim, tidak lebih dari itu.

Kalau untuk memahami dengan lebih teliti lagi kenapa PAS sebenarnya bukan untuk semua, baca saja rencana blog ini: "Parti PAS dan slogannya "PAS Untuk Semua": satu penilaian kritikal".

Ringkas kata:

1. Kenapa ada golongan nasionalis Melayu ultra dalam PAS seperti Hadi Awang dan Nasharuddin yang lebih mirip pemimpin UMNO?

2. Kalau tidak pun, adakah PAS satu parti yang benar-benar menerima masyarakat majmuk atau ianya satu parti yang mengutamakan satu agama lebih dari agama lain, sebagaimana UMNO mengutamakan satu kaum lebih dari kaum-kaum lain?

3. Kenapa PAS tidak menerima orang bukan Muslim sebagai ahli parti yang sah kalau benar PAS itu untuk semua?

Totalcare said…
Sangat hairan cara PAS berpolitik, mereka kata UMNO tidak baik, tidak islam dan korup. Tapi Hadi & Nasha mahu berkerjasama dengan UMNO. Apani? macam mana rakyat boleh percaya PAS dan PR. Kalau PAS itu betul betul berjuang atas prinsip perjuangan mereka, PAS perlu teguh dengan PR membentuk kepimpinan yang jelas dan yakin kawan-kwn di PR. Jangan terpengaruh dengan pihak lawan. Ini kelemahan PR kerana PAS terlalu lemah dari segi mental kepimpinan.
Anonymous said…
ado lagi ko isu U.G bo lah..
Anonymous said…
Kalau benar PAS for all, pemimpin tertinggi PAS harus bersama YB Lim Kit Siang dan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim menuntut dengan tegas agar satu Siasatan Di Raja di adakan bagi menyiasat kes kematian Sdr Teo Beng Hock di perkarangan bangunan SPRM. Keadilan harus di tegakkan bagi semua rakyat tak kira banga atau ugama.
Anonymous said…
pegi jahanamla same korang geng budak hitam duduk dalam pas jadi barua buat ape lebih baik korNG SEMUA BERAMBUS!!!buat semak je!!bodohhhhh!!!
Anonymous said…
kepada mohd said patutnye mahkluk macam kau ni dah lame berambus dari pas ni tak payah nak buat ugutan bodoh kau tu!pegila berambus takde sape nak halang duduk dalam pas pon jadi anjing menyalak tak tentu hala buat ape..ulang sekali lagi kau buleh berambus dan ajak sape yang nak brambus dengan kau seramai mungkin sebab pas tak perlukan ahli yang tongong macam kau dan geng budak hitam yang tolol!!!korang semua buleh pegi jahanam bodohHH!!!
Anonymous said…
YB,Pas for all slogan is now considered the same like 1Malaysia..cakap saja tak bikin punya. It's so sad to see that an inspiritional leader like Tok Guru got to work so hard to keep PAS alive while the second-tier leaders kept pushing it to be buried (sigh).I was once a supporter of Kelab penyokong Pas bcos I believed Tok Guru, now I'm out of it bcos Pas kept having unpleasant surprises.Goodbye.
Man Shah Alam said…
Kenapa isu yang berunsurkan UG ni di ungkitkan lagi? Saya sungguh terharu melihat YB yang nampak terang-terang membuka gelanggang untuk "Penyokong" PAS yang merasakan dia lebih hebat daripda ulama' untuk memberikan pandangan yang "kurang bijaksana". Cukuplah! Marilah kita bersifat lapang dada. Mari kita menginsafi diri kita dan menghitung amal kita adakan tindakan kita sekarang ini mengutungkan parti atau tidak.

saya berpendapat Saudara Chan perlu di berikan penjelasan bukannya meng"Ya"kan hanya kerana kebencian kepada seseorang pemimpin. Saya juga berpendapat PAS tidak perlu mempunyai penyokong seperti Mohd yang tidak faham apa yang di perjuangkan PAS dan yang menyedihkan lagi tidak berlapang dada. Fikir2lah kalau kamu seorang pejuang Islam yang sejati.


Man shah Alam
Anonymous said…
abaikan ajer YB.. itu normal, mereka2 akan terus menekan, buat mcm mana pn xkan puas hati punya..

YB kene sedar, YB bukan hero atau superman, xsemua boleh dipenuhi, cukup setakat ikhtiar.. YB xperlu ada rs takut xdpt sokongan.. jgn leka.

YB org Islam, YB tentu phm dan yakin Islam itu adil.. mereka xphm Islam itu adil..adil utk semua, bkn adil utk Cina aje..

Harap YB dpt kembali kpd perjuangan PAS, keadaan YB skrg hanya merugikan YB sdr dan jamaah..
MaLin said…
asal ada kondem nama TGHA dan ustz nasa terus je siar, masih xpueh ati lg tuh!! ampeh Lu.DAP melihat PAS 4all dlm perspektif mana? sama ke cara mereka berfikir dgn kolib fikir? kalu sama amatlah malangnya sbb pemikiran org DAP sama dgn pemikiran kolib. huhuhu

p/s: seelum siar adalah lebih balik kolib minta penjelasan apa yg mereka faham dgn pas4all dan beri penjelasan jika kolib dgn mereka berbeza kefahaman, jka sama apakan dayo
kyon said…
Email Mr. Chan ini bukan setakat menghentam kesilapan TGHH atau Ust. Nasa shj, malah YB Khalid sendiri. Bezanya, "kesilapan" yg dibuat YB Khalid, dia buat penjelasan dan minta maaf dan TGHH dan Ust. Nasa tak berbuat begitu seandainya mereka rasa itu satu kesilapan. Bab org nak terima tak terima itu belakang cerita. Tetapi kalau tersilap kena minta maaf dan jgn ulangi kesilapan yang sama. Tuan-tuan kena ingat bahawa politik ini ialah berkenaan persepsi rakyat jelata. Percayalah, rakyat tidak mudah lupa dan perkara ini akan di ungkit nanti semasa PRU13 termasuklah hal-hal yang dinyatakan Mr. Chan. Persoalannya, siapa yang lebih bersedia utk menjawab perkara-perkara tersebut apabila berdepan dgn rakyat sekali lagi nanti. Kita tengok je la nanti.
Sivakumar said…
Setuju dengan Datuk Zainal Maarof di atas.

PAS cakap semacam, bikin semacam.

Satu lagi, PAS tu tak beza dengan UMNO. UMNO tu perjuangkan kebesaran satu kaum. PAS tu perjuangkan kebesaran hanya satu agama.

Kalau PAS benar-benar hebat, mengapa PAS tidak menggalakan persahabatan dan persaudaraan sesama manusia dan bukan mengikut garis agama?

Selagi PAS memperjuangkan pentadbiran mengikut satu agama (berbanding pentadbiran yang mengikut prinsip dan nilai-nilai murni yang menggarisi mana-mana agama) selagi itulah PAS itu parti yang tidak relevan untuk masyarakat Malaysia yang pelbagai kaum dan pelbagai kepercayaan.
Ibnu Shariff said…

Saya melihat sebenarnya PAS masih belum bersedia untuk berpakat.Lebih lebih lagi Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden and all the 'President's Men'.Kalau tak sedia untuk berpakat, maka bawalah PAS keluar dari Pakatan Rakyat.Let PAS go alone,solo.Tapi kalau ahli dalam muktamar sudah mahu berpakat dan ada pemimpin yang tak nak berpakat maka merekalah yang patut go solo, be alone.Jangan pecahkan jemaah.Jika mereka merasakan bibit bibit kemelayuan dan bangsa itu mengatasi Islam maka pergilah join UMNO, lebih mudah berdakwah, tak percaya tanyalah Us.Nakahie Ahmad.Lepas tu boleh bagi berbagai bagai alasan kenapa tidak bersama dengan PAS.Bukan begitu YB ? YB ?
Sudin said…
Terima kasih Ibnu SharifF.

Saya sangat bersetju dgn pendapat tuan. Selama ini saya berfikir dan tertanya-tanya diri saya, dimanakah kurang dan silapnya PAS ini.

Ibnu Shariff has put it simply and clearly. Beautiful!

Semoga mereka, i.e. all the presdent's men, faham.

Saya harap penyokong2 bukan islam, tidak berasa hampa. Bukan semua ahli2 dan pemimpin2 PAS mahu bersekongkol dgn UMNO. Hanya segelintir sahaja.
Anonymous said…
Sebagai orang yan telah 2 kali mengundi untuk PAS di Putrajaya dan sekali untuk DAP di Ipoh Barat pada PRU 10, saya ingin tegaskan pendirian saya di sini seperti berikut;-

1. Memang PAS untuk semua, tetapi bukan segala-galanya.
2. Walaupun PAS mengiktiraf hak kebebasan beragama, tidak sama sekali bermaksud semua agama adalah sama bagi PAS.
3. Saya akan kembali mengundi UMNO (BN) pada PRU akan datang sekiranya keyakinan saya terhadap PAS (perkara 1&2) telah goyah.
4. Walaupun saya menghormati rakan2 cina dan india saya, tidak bermaksud saya mesti membenarkan mereka membawa anjing peliharaan mereka ke rumah saya.
5. Kadangkala saya melihat mereka ini sedang memperdaya PAS kononnya mereka bukan 'racial', tapi lihatlah di kedah, isu babi dijadikan isu racial kpd mereka.
6. Kelihatan mereka belum berpuashati dengan faedah yang mereka telah nikmati dari kedua-dua pihak BN & PR. Mereka terus 'bargain' seolah 'pembeli' sebenar walhal mereka hanya menunggu kita menggadaikan maruah kita sebelum langkah seterusnya.
7. Bolehkah mereka menyetujui 'hudud' dilaksanakan kepada orang Islam sedangkan pengisytiharan negaran islam pun dibantah oleh mereka.
9. Jika tidak percaya, PAS ikutlah telunjuk Khalid ini dan lihatlah kesannya nanti.
10. Pilihan bagi PAS sebenarnya agak mudah jika merujuk kepada petunjuk al-Quran.

Anonymous said…
salam yb,

bila baca komen saudara-saudara semua , ada betulnya.Camne pun , kite ni sebahgian besarnya baru celek dgn politik malaysia yg selama ni kite tak perasan. Walhal Umno dan kuncu-kuncunya dah berpuluh tahun bermain dgnnya - dah kaya raya , jual sana jual sini , makan sana makan sini. tak ada duit buat projek baru utk rakyat kononnya , lebihan berlambak , projek entah kemana. HA , HA ... Kite kena beberapa isu yg berbeza pendapat dah kelam kabut , merajuk sana - sini. Umno kaya sana-sini. APE DAPAT ?? Sebelum ni ada segelintir yg berjuang utk keadilan - baik PAS,DAP dan individu tertentu - kena ISA dan macam lagi. Kite baru kena "wake up call " cepat nak melatah , SABAR BRO 3X !!!. Perjuangan kite utk keadilan semua bukan utk segelintir macam UMNO . Geli bila nak sebut UMNO ni'. Camne pun PIMPINAN dlm PR kena jelas dan ikhlas. KHALIFAH tu untuk memimpin dan membela semua rakyat bukan satu kaum saja - jadi kite 'push' pimpinan kite , tukar bila perlu. LAWAN TETAP LAWAN - kalah tak pe , keadilan tetap keadilan - Insya'allah . - HAQ
sinner said…
YB, i'm trying to understand what your point of pointing out this arguement and what i can see is u're trying to put that this chinese express his unsatisfied to PAS. no,not PAS actually, TGHH and Ust Nasa isnt it? u dig all the reason to continuously put the blame on put them as liable to PAS. go ahead mister.but still i believe its time to get together again after what happen at MU. pls YB,sit together or get out of our jemaah.

ok, first of all, response to that email. UG is not about PAS-UMNO relationship. i always believe YB know's about all parties sit together form a unity govt for the sake of people. its not about malay only party. u keep playing to not tell the the truth so that all people think that way. so mr chan, it's not. u read about other country at such as UK,Germany which already used this system.
PAS is always for all.dont be blind by mainstream media.i think DAP more racial party than PAS.keep on complaining on anything unless they get their one PR shud be all parties give n take.pls refer to last DAP kedah movement.where is the genuine 2 party system when all parties in PR cant event unite.

YB, its time to defend PAS when its come to outsiders against us, even to defend someone we dont like in jemaah. not to pour fuel in that fire. or just get out of here.
Anonymous said…
Setuju dgn n sinner..

Apa tanggungjawab YB sb YB PAS utk menperjelaskan apakah PAS for All..

adakah sama PAS for All or PAS for YB ?
Setelah membaca kesemua komen-komen yang di atas, saya dapat simpulkan satu perkara. Iaitu pemberi-pemberi komen itu sendiri tak faham apa yang dimaksudkan dengan UG. Semuanya hentam keromo saja dalam menafsirkan UG.

Orang yang layak untuk dirujuk mengenai UG ini adalah TGHH kerana beliaulah yang melontarkan idea tersebut. Jangan dirujuk kepada sesiapa, bahkan MP Pas sendiri banyak yang keliru. Saya yakin YB Khalid sendiri keliru.

Di sini saya sertakan pautan dari Youtube seperti:-

Nilailah sendiri kenyataan TGHH tersebut. Adakah beliau menyebut UG ini hanya untuk UMNO-Pas saja atau melibatkan kesemua parti politik dalam negara. Telitilah dan nilailah dengan adil. Mudah-mudahan TGHH dan Ustaz Nasha tidak lagi menjadi mangsa serangan golongan tak bertanggungjawab.

Saya juga secara peribadi kecewa dengan YB Khalid. YB sepatutnya menjadi agen yang menjelaskan apa itu UG sebenarnya, bukan dengan menyerang dan mengelirukan rakyat. Kini akibatnya orang Muslim dan masyarakat bukan Muslim terutamanya mula mencurigai wadah Islam.
Lee Wee Tak said…
saya hanya ada satu soalan untuk pemimpin PAS...

mengapa anda sekalian tidak menghargai sokongan serta kepercayaan daripada kumpulan masyarakat bukan islam yang dulunya tidak pernah diperolehi?

jika keyakinan ini disia-siakan begitu sahaja, adalah lebih susah untuk memperolehinya semula.

harap pucuk pimpinan PAS fikir sejenak dan membuat pendirian tegas dan telus.
Fauzi said…
Kesian aku kt saudara S.L Chan ni kalau dia baca komen-komen dari sinner, sang kelembai jr dan rakan-rakan yg sewaktu dengannya yang hanya tertumpun dgn isu UG semata-mata. Punyalah pjg lebar kawan tu tulis, UG juga yg menjadi isu besar utk puak-puak justifikasikan walaupun telah jelas ditolak oleh parti. Apa nk buat, tetapi harapan saya agar Mr. Chan tidak give up dgn segelintir pimpinpan dan penyokong PAS yg masih terperangkap di dalam aura politik nasioanalisma ketuanan melayu - walaupun kononnya memperjuangkan Islam.

Leman said…
Saya rasa saudara Fauzi dari Seremban sangat rasional.

komen-komen dari sinner, sang kelembai jr dan rakan-rakan yg sewaktu dengannya yang hanya tertumpu dgn isu UG semata-mata. So shallow ma..

Yang mereka ni sensitif sangat pasal UG ni pun saya heran. YB Khalid tak cakap apa2 pun dalam posting ni. Dia suruh kita renung2kan. Yg dok kutuk dia macam2 tu dapat apa?

Pasal menerangkan dan membela pendirian PAS kepada non Muslim - memang YB always buat cam tu. Cuba tengok video clipnya di London. korang tu buat ape? Dia buat kerje party. Ntah2 dok peluk bini ajer..

Yang si Sufiyan Putrajaya tu kata kalau PAS mengikut 'telunjuk Khalid ...' Apa???? PAS nak ikut telunjuk Khalid???? Apa ni ko ingat PAS ni apa? Yang nak halau2 khalid Samad keluar PAs ni kenapa? Di berunding dgn UMNO dlm gelap ke? Dia membelakangkan keputusan syura ke? Dia amalkan rasuah ke?
Heran aku!

Tuan2 semua, PAS belum pernah menerima sokongan dan kepercayaan dari kaum2 bukan Islam seperti sekarang. Nak bina kepercayaan takes a long time, nak musnahkan sekejap saja.

Tak payah lah nak gadoh2. Brand orang itu ini munafik. Halau keluar jemaah lah... Gi buat kerjalah. Tau lah Tuhan nak membalasnya.

kan aku dah geram!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your comments Fauzi & Leman. But what i can get the biggest disappointing issues mr chan pointed out are on the UMNO-PAS unity talk and SIS which i dont i'm the right person to reply on SIS issues as YB in the loop. i response on the UG talk alone and PAS for all.if it's so shallow, i believe you guys can response better to him. btw,malay supremacy not in my dictionary at all.i believed in meritocracy system since i can read A B C.

Mr Leman,if you can recall all comments in this site almost 60-70% of the comments asked TGHH and Ust Nasha out of party(or in a way to ask them). i think its fair for me to ask YB to get together again or out of my opinion,YB is too much make damage to party.he create a lot of uneasiness to the PAS supporter instead of being party representatives to elaborate on the issues. sorry to say,that's my opinion so far. right after YB won last PRU,i was so excited with his style and plan as he is the YB i dreamed we PAS have.but day by day,my respect for him fade away miserably.

yes,we havent get supports from non-muslims as much as we get today.and becoz of that fact,i feel responsible to response a bit on his remarks. and put some on YB's continuous irrelevance move.

and mr Leman,i'm party worker.i'm not as good as mr khalid(or you) who can talk,lead,being YB etc. i know my capabilities & limit.but within that limit i serve for Allah and this beloved party.and i believe every single person in the party whatever level he is, is the one to make who we are today.

pleased to have a good discussion.put down your emo weapon.
Fauzi said…
OK sinner, if you really want to dig back the whole UG thing again, then by all means. My first question to you is based on the famous Battle of Badr.

The Badr wells were located on the gentle slope of the eastern side of a valley called "Yalyal". The western side of the valley was hemmed in by a large hill called 'Aqanqal. When the Muslim army arrived from the east, Muhammad initially chose to form his army at the first well he encountered. Hubab ibn al-Muhdir, however, asked him if this choice was divine instruction (wahyu) or Muhammad's own opinion. When Muhammad responded in the latter, he suggests the Muslims occupy the well closest to the Quraishi army, and block off the other ones. Muhammad accepted this decision and moved right away. According to Tariq Ramadan, this shows that Muhammad was not an autocratic leader, and allowed his followers to contradict him without considering this as a sign of disrespect.

My question: Is/Was UG a divine instruction Or TGHH own personal opinion?
Dagang said…
Semua fitnah sahaja menyatakan HH and Nasharuddin mahu bw PAS masuk UMNO.bekerjasama tidak salah untuk ISLAM.(apala tak faham2 lg yg mengaku ahli pas ni)..perjuangan mereka tidak sama dgn kita semua ni yang hanya berfitnah di dalam blog2 .
Abu Razeen 2 said…
who is this S. L. Chan?

Pas, DAP and Keadilan have all cleared the confusion around the 'UG manipulation' by BN media.

Pakatan surely don't need this kind of "supporter".

y don't confused voters, if genuinely for PR, call up TGHH, U> Nasha, or even Husam and get from them to explain on all issues.

BTW. even YB Khalid's blog feature very prominently the PAS FOR ALL logo........... so y can't u call him up to write something to explain.

coming next GE, SL CHAN clones will be posting ' reverse-psychological' comments to woo away fence-sitters from PAS and PR.

YB Khalid.....u r partly responsible if they succeed.......
Anonymous said…
Bro, not all voters are PAS/PR supporters... What is the percentage of PR members compared to the whole eligible voters? You cant win elections by relying on your own party members alone... Dont be daft.. If they are your members then probably you can ask them to be loyal, wala' etc. But unfortunately, majority of them are not in any political party... So what do you say to them? We dont need your vote? Go and vote UMNO/BN instead??
matmantau said…
pucuk pimpinan PAS perlu memikirkan… harapan pengundi atas pagar & non-Malay sebab mereka mengharapkan PAS sebagai pengganti kpd. UMNO dgn. harapan & mengharapkan kita pengganti UMNO dalam konteks bangsa Malaysia…. dan bukannya sebagai orang Melayu atau orang Islam…
tetapi kita di dalam PAS sendiri… kita perlu memikirkan juga isu2 dan implikasi2 berkaitan sebagai kita penganut Islam & berbangsa Melayu… jadi kesimpulannya, PAS perlu berhati2 dlm. apa2 jua tindakan
Anonymous said…
itu la tugas YB..
memahamkan non-muslim ttg Islam..

sy percaya YB sbg org Islam percaya Islam adalah sempurna..

Prinsipnya Islam, diaorang nk terima ker xnk terima ker itu bkn masaalah YB.. yg penting dakwah berterusan, jgn putus asa..

Insyallah, soal buka pintu hati ni bkn urusan YB..

Prinsip Makkal sakti ni xbule pakai sgt,nk guna boleh, tp jgn pula beriman dgnya..

rakyat bertonggeng xkn kita pn ikut sama bertonggeng..kene jd pemimpin yg bertanggungjawab, br la org hormat..

YB kene fikir ni.

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