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Teaching of Maths and Science in English a Flop

By Syed Jaymal Zahiid and Neville Spykerman
*with video update (24/6/2009)

... Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad from PAS said it was obvious in the minister's response that the government is not fully prepared for the implementation of the policy and students are being victimised as a result.

"It is apparent that they are not fully prepared for this and have not taken into account the implication and the repercussion," he told a press conference in Parliament.

He added that it was absurd that the government realised the programme's failure only after six years it has been implemented.

"Don't make our children guinea pigs," said Khalid, adding that teaching maths and science in English won't upgrade students' English quality, suggesting that it would be better for the government to focus on getting the best teachers to teach the international language instead.

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Video courtesy of MPPAS.

-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


genesispassion said…
step one remove 30% of the existing teachers....1st....does bad apple make good apple good? or good apple get bad with bad apples ?
Anonymous said…

Now everyone admits that the teachers are the ones....!!!!

Teachers "are" our educators & yet they say its difficult to teach in English...

Tak ada "malu" ke...????

"WHY" call yourself teachers than....??????
Teachers "have to" take the trouble to educate themselves so as to dispense knowledge to their students.........?????

Didn't know that is it......????
Can't blame the teachers........
Even our so-called Education Minister didn't know what the "hell" was happening to the English language.........

There goes our education lah....!

What a bunch of "Brady Bunch" you goons are........?

Sometimes I feel so bad to be lucky....!!
I get to send my children to private schools....!!!

Feel soo........ sorry for the other children !!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Apasal PAS tak de ketengahkan isu PKFZ ni? Nak baca dalam Harakah haram jadah tak de (sepatutnye front page news le). Dok tengok DAP je highlight. Bukan kah ini scandal terbesar sehingga kini?

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