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A Question of Morality

FEB 20 — I was told that Selangor Pas released a statement which, among others, requested that Elizabeth Wong be investigated for any moral wrongdoings as a result of this “scandal” of her nude photos and, if found to be guilty, she is then to be “suitably” punished. The statement also talks of the need for all PR elected representatives to be morally upright so as to be examples to be emulated by all.

Unfortunately I have to comment on this statement which I believe is very ill-advised. Before that I do have to clarify that the meeting held by Selangor Pas prior to the release of the statement was a meeting of the Dewan Harian, which is made up of the state commissioner and all other appointed office bearers. It was not the full state meeting as such.

Secondly, and this is the crux of the issue, PR is not Pas! For Pas we have a clearly defined set of right and wrong, moral and immoral and although it may have similarities with some universal values, there are some huge differences particularly in that of the “personal arena”. What Pas and Islam see as immoral may be something quite acceptable in the eyes of other cultures. Take the question of drinking wine, for example.

Similarly, there are items which Islam accepts, which to other cultures is not quite as acceptable. The easiest example here would be polygamy...

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Anonymous said…
She has failed as a YB and resignation is her only option.As a YB,one must always take good care of one's image including private cum moral, and always bear in mind that he or she is a public property.

Andrew Chuah
BEN said…
Salam YB,

There are actually 2 conflicting comments from PAS Selangor on this issue. One on MALAYSIAKINI given the day after (17/2/09) the whole thing blew up and also on HARAKAHDAILY given yesterday (20/2/09).

My guess that you are referring to the one on Malaysiakini. I know that you are no longer the TPJ of Selngor, but can you please TELL these people to keep their act together! Consult amongst yourselves first. Have they actually heard about this new invention called "telephone"?
BEN said…
sorry, the one given on harakahdaily was given on the 19th and not 20th. Still there are two days gap in between la..
Observer said…
"Andrew Chuah", stop posing as a Malaysian Chinese. We know who you are by your hypocritical words, you are actually Khir Toyo! Go back to your UMNO dogs of a master!
Anonymous said…
Unlimited Money Nabbing Organization.

Unethical Money Nabbimg Organization.
Anonymous said…
According to YB Zulkifli Noordin,Selangor is the next target.
We have read lot's of rumours regarding this,and "the mole",an ex BTN is trying to "show off" his holiness,but his real intention is to topple Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor and become the next MB.Btw,"the mole" is certainly not YB Khalid Samd,who in my view reflects the true meaning of Islam.

YB,something else is happening in kedah.The shooting incident in Karangan is very distrubing.Some even say,the next PM had a hand in that incident.
Anonymous said…
......I wonder what people see if allowed to intrude into the sanctity of our homes?
propas said…
sebagai org yang telah dipecat/ditendang/dibuang/direhatkan sebagai TPJ Selangor, saya faham kenapa YB Khalid sentiasa cuba nak contradict dengan PJ Selangor, YB Dato Hasan Ali.
Alasan Yb Khalid memanglah logik pada akal...memang sesuai dan molek kalau YB menggantikan YB Azmin sebagai Naib Presiden PKR. Ataupun kalau YB masuk DAP, nescaya YB tidak akan ada masalah untuk menjadi Naib Presiden mereka.
Sedarlah fikrah YB Khalid dah tak sesuai dgn PAS.
Anonymous said…
Salaam YB,

Nampaknya YB Khalid semakin Liberal dalam melontarkan pandangan. Kalaulah YB Khalid merasakan apa yang berlaku kepada YB Eli adalah satu kesilapan peribadi yang tidak melibatkan isu moral dan penilaian masyarakat atas apa yang berlaku maka YB amat jauh tersasar sebagai seorang insan/manusia yang yang melangkaui batas agama dan bangsa. Eli mengakui gambar beliau diambil tanpa disedari oleh teman lelakinya yang semestinya dibenarkan masuk oleh Eli ke dalam rumahnya/biliknya. Membenarkan seseorang lelaki memasuki rumah/bilik seorang wanita bujang memang tidak beradap dan rendah moralnya samada dalam pandangan Islam( semestinya) dan lain-lain agama. Soal moral dalam membina keperibadian pemimpin amat PENTING. Ingat calon Naib Presiden Amerika@SARAH PALIN pun terpalit dengan isu moral disebabkan anak perempuan beliau melahirkan hasil daripada bersekedudukan dengan teman lelaki beliau. Jika rakyat Amerika tidak boleh terima, agak PELIK YB Khalid boleh menerima keadaan yang semacam ada kesamaannya. Maka disini kedua-dua pihak bertanggungjawab; Eli dan juga teman lelakinya. Bukannya ada satu pihak yang betul dan satu pihak salah. Eli salah kerana membenarkan lelaki masuk kerumah beliau dan teman lelaki Eli salah kerana mengambil gambar orang dalam keadaan aib dan menyebarkannya. Fikirkan YB Khalid, jangan hanya untuk mengharapkan sokongan daripada masyarakat yang liberal maka YB pun mengeluarkan pendapat yang sama dengan kehendak mereka. Mungkin YB terlupa soal pokok ???

Haqqul Mubin
Anonymous said…
"Nampaknya YB Khalid semakin Liberal"
Does this mean Haqqul Mubin is (A) Fanatic (B)A Katak dibawah tempurung (C)Musang dalam selimut (D) Semua sekali..?

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