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Opposition Walk Out After War-of-Words With Independent MP

"...Before things could settle down, another flare up started when Khalid Abdul Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) chided Ibrahim for behaving as though he was the only one championing the rights and institution of the Malay Rulers.

During the heated exchange that ensued between them, Ibrahim flung his songkok on his table which led to Khalid also walking out of the Dewan followed by most of the other Opposition MPs present..."

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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


Anonymous said…

Apa yang YB Ibrahim cakap tu betul...Pasal lompat parti dan juga Kedaulatan raja2..

SAya rasa PAS jgn teruskan sifat kebiadapan dgn engkar titah raja..Sekiranya kita benar tunggulah sehingga PRU13..Semoga Allah memberi kemenangan sekiranya kita benar.

Ini lain pula cerita,dicanangkan UMNO yang menderhaka sedangkan situasi dan keadaan pada 1982 dan 1993 adalah berbeza.Persoalan di PERAK PR sudah kurang mendapat sokongan ahli dewan setelah tiga org YB itu mengalih sokongan kepada BN.Lalu Sultan telah yakin bahawa BN telah mendapat sokongan majoriti ahli dewan lalu meminta kerajaan negeri terdahulu meletak jawatan dan BN menegakkan kerajaan baru.

Saya menyokong sekiranya pilihanraya semula dijalankan.Tetapi ianya hendaklah mendapat perkenan raja. Sekiranya,Raja telah membuat keputusan kita patut menerimanya..
Anonymous said…
tak kenal tak cinta.... I had the opportunity to be at the Ceramah in Klang organised by DAP @
Dewan Hamzah. MP from Kuala Selangor and Shah Alam, MP your goodself, who also spoke on that evening were captivating, fair,brilliant presentations and perhaps a eye opener to non-PAS acquiantances, esp non Malay like me. gua caya lu on that evening.
Anonymous said…
ye....kick him out
Anonymous said…
Since BN days this MP (there are many more) have already displayed the finer arts of political hyprocitism which has turned the house into a circus for the whole world to laugh at.
ROHAN said…
YB Khalid,

It seems that everyone in the august hall wants to be reckoned as the champion of the Malay rulers including you!...he he he

The fact is that the same august hall which dethroning the immunity of the rulers.

Do you have any feeling of guilty or regret over the immunity issue?
Anonymous said…
He always act as if he's always right and supreme.Like everybody want and needs him. I also know he's a hopper, jumping from umno to S46 then now PAS/independant.(Still jumping also but in Parliment). So what's so great about him and where's his stand or beliefs. I still don't know why Tok let him elect on PAS ticket.
Anonymous said…
Dear YB,
By now, everyone in PAS should know that this Ibrahim fler, is a spy, planted by UNMO to kacau daun and make PR look stupid.

Pleease don't involve him in your Pakatan Rakyat meetings as he will spill the beans to his UMNO handlers.

Beware of such double crossers and
keep an eye on him if you do not want to invite trouble to your PAS house.

Please keep up the good work. We backed you in the 12th GE and we will support your fight against injustice and bad governance.
Anonymous said…
Ibrahim Ali is just a typical UMNO politician.Out of favour,he sought the help of Tok Guru Nik Aziz just to earn a living,because UMNO politicians dont even have the cability to be a security guard.Hopefully,no more dialogue with UMNO or BN.And those who are "musang dalam selimut" in Pakatan,allow them to hop.Quality is better then quantity.

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