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One down, two to go — Selangor and Kedah next

FEB 19 — The above summarises the psy-war which the BN through its various channels is trying to put forward to the public. However, as can be confirmed through a cursory glance in the media, the Perak issue is far from settled. What may have originally been considered a simple issue by the BN has developed into something far more complicated than what it bargained for.

The statement by the “pretender MB of Perak” that he will refer the issue of being called up by the Special Privileges Committee to his lawyer is a sign that what is currently happening was not expected by the BN. It seemingly forgot that the position of the speaker and all the committees formed during the earlier sessions are still technically intact. They can only be disbanded and reappointed, if that is what the BN wishes to do, through a sitting of the state assembly...

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Anonymous said…
BN certainly didnt expect their MB and the 6 excos to be suspended.So much effort,so little result.Najib must be scratching his head wondering why "things" are not working according to his whims and fancies.

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