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Agreeing to disagree paying off for Pakatan

By Shannon Teoh

Meanwhile, several Pas and DAP leaders such as the former's spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat and the latter's chairman Karpal Singh had voiced their opinions on the matter loudly, leading to dissent within PR supporters.

But the opposition does not see it necessary to muzzle such public disagreements.

"It takes time to reach a consensus, so we should be prepared to engage in discussion," said Khalid Samad, Pas's Shah Alam MP.

Yusmadi Yusoff, MP for Balik Pulau, added that for PKR, it was interested in real harmony not an artificial one imposed by BN.

"BN is about homogenising any dialogue and creating taboos. But in the PR setup, when Karpal or Hadi make a stand, it is based on principles and democratic convictions," he said.

In short, while both Khalid and Yusmadi agree that a BN supreme council-based mechanism would be politically expedient, it would not achieve "real reform."

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DAP, Pas leaders back anti-hopping law

By Debra Chong

Pas Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad also concurred. He said that if the anti-hopping law were to be passed, the government must allow the public to express their "mandate" again.

Khalid acknowledged that such a situation had happened before, to his brother Shahrir, who coincidentally is the BN MP for Johor Baru.

In 1988, Shahrir resigned as MP for Johor Baru, in events leading up to a constitutional crisis and a split within Umno between the then Prime Minister and challenger Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Shahrir, who supported Tengku Razaleigh then, was challenged to prove he had won his parliamentary seat on his own abilities and not that of Umno's.

He ran as an independent in the resulting by-election and won.

Khalid foresees a growing support for the PR coalition. It is for that reason that neither he nor Dr Siti Mariah are in favour of the law to be put on the table at the next session of Parliament in February.

"It's not to our advantage now," Dr Siti Mariah said.

"After Permatang Pauh, after Kuala Terengganu, it's quite clear the winds of change, the shift is more pronounced," said Khalid.

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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


kanot said…
Apa pandangan peribadi YB pasal isu 4 Adun PR yg lompat ke BN?

Ia adalah "lompat bermoral" atau "lompat yg tak bermoral"?
Azmi said…
Hmmmmm.....Panas hati aku bila baca berita 4 Adun lompat parti ni.
Tapi dari sudut positif nya, aku nampak bahawa PAS yang sebelum ini dikecam sebagai "cuba memungkiri janji PR" adalah yang paling setia. Kita penyokong PAS tidak malu kehilangan kuasa kerana Adun PAS masih kekal dalam jemaah. Sekarang yang perlu menjawab adalah orang PKR dan DAP.

Kuatkan jemaah Islam
Anonymous said…
pergila tgk dlm ramai yg saya percaya non muslim memuji dan menyokong pas dlm isu perak ini.

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