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The Nut Graph Interview (Part 1)

By Shanon Shah

"...In the first part of this exclusive interview with The Nut Graph, Khalid reflects on PAS' dynamics and future, responds to PKR's Zulkifli, and talks about being an Umno politician's younger brother.

TNG: The New Straits Times reported on 24 Nov that you have been axed as deputy commissioner II for Selangor PAS. Do you see this as an attempt within PAS to sideline more progressive voices? How far is it true that PAS is now divided between the conservatives and the progressives or the “kumpulan Erdogan”?

Khalid Samad: (Chuckles) Well, in Selangor, the chief is (Datuk Dr) Hassan Ali. I don't think you would be able to classify him as a conservative. He's not a graduate of a pondok or Islamic school or university or whatever.

There are three deputy commissioners, I am deputy number two. It was decided in a meeting where I also attended that it would be better if I give up that post and let somebody else take it who will be, how do you say, more in line with what Hassan Ali has in mind.

So I agreed. I have been critical of his leadership ever since we came into power in Selangor (after the 8 March elections). But he was able to tolerate me for eight long months, I think, and that's credit to him (chuckles).

Can you give examples of the points you were critical of?

No need lah. Because that would be very biased, kan? I think what he feels he needs is somebody who can support him all the way and not second guess him on every turn. And I think he's right..."

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Look out for Part II tomorrow: Understanding Islam

-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


lan said…
mantap juga jawapan YB dan banyak soalan2 yang menyentuh isu yang agak panas

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