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Response: The PKNS GM Issue

In response to my writing on the above, the following were among the comments received :-
Mr Smith said,
But then, Sir, these were NOT the reasons given by Hassan Ali.
These are the official reasons and if Hassan Ali added on or altered the reasons, then the additions or alterations are his own. Please also read my response to Tom Cruise.
Jed Yoong said,
May I ask where did you get the "Billions Of Ringgit"? Is that substantiated?
The ‘Billions of Ringgit’ is an estimate of the potential additional profit had PKNS been managed professionally free of cronyism and other forms of mismanagement. Obviously it can be argued against as the figures are subjective and an estimate.

Tom Cruise said (short version),
-disappointed by the PAS reaction on the appointment of Mdm Low as acting GM of PKNS.
-racist, hypocrisies and folly and showed no difference from UMNOputras.
-reason given was that Mdm Low came from old management team.
-However Hassan asked why Nasir and Ghani were not appointed to succeed Harun.
-agree that the appointment of Mdm Low will be exploited by the UMNO.
-UMNOHasutPutras are racist to hardcore. Why should we dance with them?
-Following their tune will leave us with limited choices. Instead educate the people.
-The PKNS board is considering 15 Malay applicants. Why is there no non-Malay?
-In the face of challenges PAS only cares about retaining top posts for Malays.
Tan Sri Khalid, as I understand it, sent a note to Mdm. Low to inform her that her contract was being extended for a year at the same position of Deputy GM. The note also mentioned that until a new GM was appointed, she would ‘tanggung tugas’ or ‘undertake the tasks’ of the GM. The note was unofficial and intended to inform Mdm Low of TSK’s plans as the date of termination of her contract was due.

Unfortunately the contents of the note, in a spiced up version, was leaked out to the PKNS staff and this led to a negative response. The spiced up version stated that Mdm Low was being appointed the acting GM for a year. (Please note that at this time, no official letter was yet prepared. I do not know if any has been prepared to date). The PKNS staff who were all aware of the close association between Dato’ Harun and Mdm Low saw no justice in the decision by TSK. The negative response snowballed and the media got to wind of it, interviewed a few leaders who came to know about the ramblings within PKNS and unfortunately gave knee-jerk reactions. In fact even TSK was not expecting itto be an issue as the note was unofficial and for Mdm Low’s attention only.

The reasons for PAS’s objection towards Mdm Low is as what I had stated earlier and I hope it is free of racial biases. The question with respect to En. Nasir and En. Ghani posed by Hassan Ali was more a question put to him by the PKNS staff which he then put forward to TSK. Not in the best of manner, nor the best of media unfortunately.

I am glad that Tom Cruise agrees with me on the political environment which we find ourselves in. Please note that Malay discontent is UMNO’s best weapon and the majority of the Malay public, unfortunately, still believes that UMNO has the Malay interests at heart. After 50 years of race politics, everything is to a large extent still read along race lines. I agree that we should educate the public and this is being done but it will take time. The extent of mistrust and fear between the races, fueled by the BN, is a point of fact which must be taken into consideration when plotting the State’s policies. We do not dance to their tune but we take into consideration that many of the public are still dancing to that tune. We have to strategise how to change the tempo. Switching from the Tango to the Waltz in a fluidic non stop continuous motion is no easy task, especially if the dancers are not familiar with the steps. They may end up stepping on each others toes and worse, trip and fall.

UMNO’s attempt at raising racial tensions is further proven by the role of Utusan Malaysia which quotes TG Abd Hadi using a sensational caption which contradicts the spirit of the statement itself. TG Abd Hadi even said that it is only a single GLC and there is not hard and fast ule as to the GM being of a particular race.

Educating the public is ongoing, all be it in a subtle manner. Please look at the ‘welfare’ policies of the State of Selangor, the 20m3 of free water, the 1k contribution for further studies for those families earning monthly incomes less than RM 1,500 and the rest. Any mention of race?

If we disagree on this point, then it is a difference of opinion of a strategic nature. This is normal as not everyone will agree on the best manner of doing things and this form of difference can be resolved amicably. As I said earlier, we have to dispel the fear spread by the BN that the PR is selling out the Malays. We can chose to ignore the strategy of our opponent, but I believe that would not be a wise decision. This I believe is the reason why only Malay candidates are being considered.Political realities have to be taken into account. Hopefully the sensitivities will give way to rational thought as PR continues its rule.

No, I believe PAS is not into race politics. However, I suppose sometimes some unwittingly sound similar to UMNOputras, probably due to having been in this environment for so many years. If there are who slip, we will make sure they do not fall and put them aright.

WalLahu 'Alam


Anonymous said…
Thank you Sir for such crystal clear explanation on the issue and for being patient enough to educate the Rakyat. I strongly believe that IF we Malaysian can be more rationale in dealing with issues and be less emotional at times - we can go further as a nation. Even further than any of us had ever imagined in our wildest dreams... God bless Malaysia!

Shazlan said…
Subhanallah... such a wonderful response. I agree that, while we all want to move away from race-based policies, it cannot be done overnight... especially not when there are parties who are scouting for opportunities to start the fire and burn the whole village.

Way to go, YB!

Mr. Smith said…
My entire family, in laws, friends and church members voted for PAS and I was one of those who campaigned for your party.
Surely, I will be the one to be most hurt if we are 'betrayed.'

I am prepared to forget this whole episode and look forward to 'working' with your party.
Surely, PAS is a million times better than UMNO but I am still wary of 'some elements' around you.

I still wonder if Hassan Ali would have made an issue of this appointment had Nasir or Ghani been picked instead of Ms Low?

But I agree we should tread with care on raced related issues as some gullible Malays can be exploited by UMNO and Utusan.
Anyway thanks for your explanations and May God Bless you abundantly.
Anonymous said…

jawapan yg baik dr yb.

bak kempen obama 'change, we need'. kita perlu berubah. setiap org, tidak terhad kpd melayu sj.

keadaan melayu yg lemah ini perlu diubah. bukan setakat legislatif, ttp dr jati kendiri.

ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib seseuatu kaum sekiranya kaum itu tidak mengubah nasibnya sendiri. jadi perlu dibuat peringkat negeri@nasional. kadang2 cina muslim yg dah berasimilasi dgn melayu pun terikut2 dgn sifat melayu ni. sekali lg, itulah sebabnya kita perlu program peringkat nasional. bukan setakat kempen berucap di pentas dan poster, ttp perlaksanaan.

gunakan sistem pendidikan. sekiranya pas tidak mampu utk merubah sk @smk(melalui cadangan, penguatkuasaan dll), laksanakan program di sekolah agama yg dibawah kelolaan jais. ubah org melayu ni menjadi suka bekerja keras dengan betul yg mengutamakan ibadah. cthnya frasa study hard harus diutamakan. bukannya study smart. kita lihat org cina study hard. cristiano ronaldo yg talented pun trained hard, tp kita, hm...

Tome Cruise said…
How about the decision of Kedah Government on 50% bumiputera quota in housing schemes?
It show that PAS are positioning itself as ultra Malay party who only fight for Malay right. In the housing scheme cases, PAS tried to join UMNO on ‘protecting’ Malay right.
PAS was the first one to break the Pakatan Rakyat’s pledge in March on uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians, regardless of religion or race.
The reason given by Kedah Government seems reasonably ‘convincing’ on surface. They argued 75% of the Kedah residents were Malay hence 50% quota in housing schemes was a justified and compromised number.
For me this not much different from Communism where everything is shared ‘equally’. It may be worse than Communism since in communism people have to share the ‘same’ workload. In Kedah economic ‘fruits’ were forced to share irrespective of effort put in by each individual.
The 50% quota will surely increase the cost of development and marketing of private housing project. Eventually non-Malay will feel the painful pinch of the higher price of private house. They have to work harder to earn more money where Malay could afford to buy the similar house with lower price. Don’t you think it is a legalized way of stealing money from minority? I strongly believe steal is prohibited in all religions.
Eventually Kedah economy will be affected by such policy and the growth will be lower. More employees including Malays will be retrenched. Worst case the housing developers might pull out from Kedah. If this happened the poor will be affected most.
Please think the modern economy system as ecosystem. Introducing a new economy policy is analogous to introduce a new nature force in the ecosystem. Whenever a new nature force is introduced the ecosystem must be affected. It might either cut off the food to selective species or disrupt the whole ecosystem. So please be careful in introducing any policy wisely without discrimination.
Our governments always enjoy quick-fix method to solve any issue. This would only sweep the problem under carpet. At the end the people have to pay up the bill. Kedah Government should investigate the reason of low take up rate of private housing among the Malay. They must not deprive non-Malay’s right.
If Kedah Government is sincere to help Malay and the poor, job retraining is a better solution. An upgraded and market-demanded skill not only will earn the employee a higher income. It also increases the market efficiency and attracts more investments. This will help to reduce unemployment rate and the whole society will be much peaceful and harmony.
P.S.: I wonder what wrong with these elites, who claim themselves Malay right protector and keep bullying minority. Being in majority side is always an advantage in almost every field. But please be fair. Don’t keep squeezing the minorities for the benefits. As a minority I can only cry for mercy.

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