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Good News Comes in Pairs

1. RPK’s release from detention under the ISA

Frankly, RPK’s release took me by surprise. As someone who has been detained under the ISA before, I was very sceptical of his chances for release through the courts, all be it by harbeas corpus. It has always been my view that they have designed the law so well that release will only be achieved when they decide to release you. I have witnessed in the past that even when successful, they just detain you again and you are back at square one!

Well, I am pleasantly surprised and kudos to the judge who was brave enough to judge in his favour. Also, kudos to the police who bungled the detention order and may there be more bungles like that in the future. Hats off to the people who stood by RPK’s side through out his ‘experience’ and may I be proven wrong again in matters such as this in the future.

2. Decision on DSAI’s case

Good news comes in pairs, or so it would seem. Immediately after RPK’s case, we hear the judgment pertaining to the Government’s attempt to transfer DSAI’s case to the High Court. It was rejected by the judge and so it remains in the Sessions court. Are we witnessing a new era of independence of the judiciary? We really hope so but then again, Razak Baginda’s case was just a few days ago too wasn’t it? Hmmm, we can still hope.

WalLahu 'Alam


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