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CIJ Wants Select Committee to Review Media Law

by Sharon Tan

Khalid Samad (Shah Alam-PAS) said one must go back to basics where the role of the media is concerned.

“As far as the current administration is concerned, they are still not fully clear of the role of media. For as long as these laws are there we will never be able to have an independent media.

“When you don’t have an independent media then the whole system of parliamentary democracy will not be able to function effectively because the public is being denied the basic information on which decisions are made.

“As long as the independence of media is being curtailed, the correct information does not reach Malaysians. The media can play the role as a watchdog, check and balance to ensure there is accountability,” he said.

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-Pejabat YB Khalid Samad-


al-brangi said…
Perkara yang saya nak sentuh tak ada kena mengena dengan posting di atas.

Saya harap YB tolong jawab perkara berkaitan dengan kenaikan sewa rumah PPR daripada RM124 ke RM250 sebulan oleh Kerajaan Selangor sehingga ada kumpulan yang sangat 'waras' (Reformis) mengancam sanggup berbogel di hadapan Bangunan SSAAS

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