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Tuan Guru Hj. Hadi’s Comments On HINDRAF’s Raya Visit

I read with a strong sense of appreciation Tuan Guru Hj. Abdul Hadi’s comments on HINDRAF members and supporters attendance at Dollah Badawi’s open house at the PWTC. He spoke in support of their right to be at the function and to express their desire for the release of those detained under the ISA. They did not cause any commotion nor was their presence an act of disrespect for the Eid function.

For the HINDRAF members and supporters to use the festive occasion to demand for the release of their leaders is actually quite apt. Hari Raya is a period for forgiveness and pardon. What other occasion would have been better suited for their plea than Hari Raya?

Tuan Guru Hj. Abdul Hadi was brave enough to speak out in defence of the HINDRAF members. I realize that this issue may be a double edged sword and not many Malays would stick their necks out for an issue being made sensitive by the UMNO leadership! “What! Support the Hindus who have come to show their disrespect for the Eid?” I can imagine many Malays saying, especially those swayed by the racial undertones in those government controlled papers carrying the story. UMNO as always, reverts to the race card at their convenience, swaying between Malaysian nationalism and Malay nationalism with such ease and comfort that I can’t help but wonder if they really understand what they themselves say at times. In the face of this strategy by UMNO, PAS must be at the forefront, reminding the Malays and Muslims in particular, who are being targeted by UMNO, not to be swayed by UMNO’s message of hate. We must be the party which plays a central role in saving the Muslims from the bigotry of UMNO.

And this is the way for PAS to go. Stop being ‘Malay-Centric’ and even ‘Muslim-Centric’. Let us be ‘Justice-Centric’. Unfortunately for any Islamic party in Malaysia, it must be able to cross two rather identical psychological and emotional hurdles before it can truly embody the Islamic struggle. The first is the race hurdle and this fortunately is relatively clear-cut for many PAS leaders and members. This is due to PAS’s avowed rejection of ‘assobiyyah’ or racism (simply translated). Assobiyyah means supporting one’s group (normally race) in injustice. You support them because you are part of them, due to birth, family or race relations, against one who is not, even if they are in the wrong.

The second is the Muslim hurdle and this is more complicated as it is seen to be more closely related to Islam itself. However, what we always have to remember is that we are here to fight NOT for Muslims but for Islam. And yes, there is a difference. Think about it.

When PAS manages to overcome these two hurdles and struggles for Islam, then it becomes Justice-Centric. When this happens, PAS will be looked upon as the champion for all those who have been victimized and side-lined, those whose rights have been denied and those who yearn for a better and more just treatment by society. And this is what we want to be seen as.

Tuan Guru Haji Hadi’s comment may take many, even within PAS itself, by surprise. Yet if we are serious in attempting to portray ourselves as a credible alternative to rule the country, then we must be seen as a party that will protect and service all members within society, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. The comments are a move in the right direction. It attempts to warn the Muslims of the erroneous views of UMNO and at the same time prove to the non-Muslims that PAS acknowledges and will protect their rights.

WaLlahu ‘Alam


Mr. Smith said…
That was a very enlightening and though provoking commentary from you, Khalid.
Yes, I salute TG Abdul Hadi for coming to the defence of Hindraf. I would say it was more than that. He defended TRUTH. He defended JUSTICE. He defended ISLAM.
PAS can and will be able to neutralize UMNO and its bigotry with comments and statements such as this from the PAS leadership.
People can like you can easily win the trust and affection of all the races/religions in the country.
Mr. Smith said…
This is an interesting read about the reformist and orthodox in PAS. If the latter wins, your party can bid farewell to non-Malay support and the eventual disintegration of your party. They want to bring PAS to the dark ages.
Anonymous said…
This is the first time ever after he has frustrated us in the last few months, TGHH finally proves us that he actually deserves some respect as he should be.

And I honestly believe that TGHH made this sttment freely and voluntarily without been subjeceted to any undue influence and interference from his close aides and advisors like Cikgu PA, Nasaruddin Mat Isa n Roslan SMS.

It;s very obvious now that these are the persons who have, all the while, been poisoning TGHH by feeding him wrong and half truth info with a malice intention to spoil the formation of P.R' govt as inspired by all of us.

YB, I think after this people like you should become closer with TGHH. dont let him to be continously surrounded by the peoples who have their own personal agenda.

Your old friend,

Radzi, KL.
ediannuar said…

nak mintak kebenaran copy kat blog saya.

Terima kasih.....
anaklangkawi said…
Its funny to see how PAS people react nowdays compared to how they act in the olddays.

Sorry YB. As for Hindraf. Its a pertubuhan haram. I dont agree with such movement who 'fitnah the government'. Fitnah all the malays & people. Etnic clansing etc2.

P/s: Still remember what the petition says..

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