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Justice For All

I wish to respond to a remark posted by anaklangkawi in relation to my article ‘Tuan Guru Haji Hadi’s comments on HINDRAF’s Raya visit’. The remark is as follows:-
“Its funny to see how PAS people react nowadays compared to how they act in the old days.

Sorry YB. As for Hindraf. Its a pertubuhan haram. I dont agree with such movement who 'fitnah the government'. Fitnah all the malays & people. Etnic clansing etc2.

P/s: Still remember what the petition says..”
First and foremost, I wish to refer to the petition. The petition causes me to reflect on what the Indian community has been told all this while by the MIC. In the BN set-up, the MIC acts as the bridge between the Indians and the other communities, including the Malays. UMNO on the other hand acts as the bridge between the Malays and the other communities. What thus happens is that there is limited inter-action, in respect to political issues, between the races and the aspiration of the other races is not known first hand by another race. They are informed of the political aspiration of the other races by their respective race based party.

What this means is that the MIC tells the Indians what the Malays want. When there are problems faced by the Indians, MIC explains it to the Indian community why the problem occurs. It is logical to assume that the petition as presented is the conclusion made by members of the Indian community as to the reasons why the estate Indians and the problem faced by their temples are not handled effectively by the BN. The conclusion is made based on the clarifications by the MIC leadership.

It is logical also to assume that the MIC uses the Malays as the reason for the plight of the estate Indians and the problems faced by their temples. They probably also inform the Indians that Islam prevents the construction of their temples and the message of fear and hate, told such that the Indians are increasing convinced of the need to support MIC, goes on and on.

Similar is the case with the Malays. While UMNO shares the same bed with MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the rest of the BN, behind their backs, they tell the Malays of the insincerity of the Chinese, the rebelliousness of the Indians and the oppurtunism of the Sabahans and the Sarawakians. It is this same message of fear and hate which they hope will keep the Malays under their influence.

Since the release of the petition and the growth of influence of PR, HINDRAF has come into direct contact with PKR, DAP and also PAS. They were informed of the deception of the MIC and have seen the new vision of national unity which PR seeks to realize, based on ‘Justice for all’. They are informed of the justice of Islam as adhered to by PAS and the fact that the Buddhists, Hindus and other religious denominations have had no problems with the PAS government in Kelantan. Based on these revelations, their leaders have re-directed their anger not to the Malays and the Muslims, but to UMNO and the MIC itself!

They have retracted the use of the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the ceramahs before the general elections but this has been played down by the government controlled media. UMNO/BN wants to maintain racial sensitivities at a raised level. They see racial sensitivities as their savior and could not care less about the damage it does to the social fabric of this Nation.

The fact that HINDRAF is not registered is NOT a major problem if the UMNO/BN is interested in addressing the problems raised by them for the sake of the Indian community. ‘BERSIH’ similarly is not a registered body and the accurate and substantiated critiques of the election process submitted by BERSIH are irresponsibly brushed aside by the BN.

One must be acutely aware of the strategy of racial sentiment currently pursued by UMNO in particular. Suddenly the parties representing the Chinese in the BN are vocal in demanding concessions. The Indians who support HINDRAF are potrayed as ‘chipping away’ at the bastion of ‘ketuanan Melayu’. The UMNO strategy is to portray the PR as a government incapable and unwilling to defend the Malays and Islam from the onslaught of the other races. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both the Malays in PKR and the Muslims in PAS wish to save the Malay Muslims from the disgrace brought upon them by the policies of UMNO. These policies UMNO seeks to defend, at great cost and damage to Islam’s image, as policies made necessary for the sake of Islam. Such arguments only damages Islam and the Malays and if we wish to earn the respect of all, in this Nation called Malaysia, and with that maintain our position at its helm, as is necessitated by our majority status, then we must come up with a new image and a new, more just vision to be shared by all.

This is what PAS seeks to do. Portray the message of ‘justice for all’ as brought by Islam. This message and mission can be pursued without sacrificing the principles of the federal constitution.

WalLahu 'Alam


Unknown said…

Thank You so much for the excellent perspective on the pernicious nature of racial politics in our beloved country.

I only wish there were more MPs like your good self to make this nation a beacon of justice for all.

Best Wishes

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