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Why not wait for PRU 13?

Ahh, ofcourse! The 6 Million Dollar question! If we are so sure of the growing support, why not wait until the PRU ke 13. Would that not be cleaner and more gentlemanly? Why not wait?

Maybe it’s due to our lack of trust in the system and the commitment to democratic principles by the BN! The electoral roll may find itself even more doctored than before. The SPR may do even more about turns and fancy footwork the likes of which the civilized world has never seen before. Remember the “Malaysia boleh” spirit!

Maybe it’s due to the fact that another few years of this administration would see everything go down the drain! The economy, the social values end even the racial harmony which we value so much in this country. Are we willing to wait that long? Can we afford to? Under the lack-luster leadership of Pak Lah and the promise of worse to come with Najib, what is there to wait for?

Maybe it’s just simply due to the belief that anything good and virtuous needs to be administered as quickly as possible. I think putting UMNO out of its misery as quickly as possible is perhaps the most humane thing any Malaysian can do!!!


kotakata said…
sdr khalid,
selepas berbelas tahun berjuang dan mendengar itu ini dengan semangat, kekuatan dibina dan harapan terlalu tinggi diberikan - kenyataan antiklimaks sesetengah pemimpin sangat mengecewakan. sangat mengkhianati orang2 marhaen seperti saya...
Salaam, kotakata. Saya harap yang dimaksudkan bukan saya tetapi yang lain yang ingin menunggu sehingga PRU 13. Kalau gitu saya setuju dengan pendirian tuan dan saya harap jangan mudah kecewa. Teruskan perjuangan kerana saya rasa pandangan mereka adalah pandangan minoriti yang teramat sangat.

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