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New poll shows Anwar will be better PM than Najib

By Debra Chong

"...But for Khalid Samad, the Pas MP for Shah Alam and an ally of Anwar, the results are frightening for the Pakatan Rakyat alliance. He said the results of the survey showed government media propaganda still held sway, especially among the rural Malays. He is concerned that much of the Malay media has portrayed a negative impression of Anwar as being an "immoral guy" and being a stooge of the United States.

"Basically, Umno-Barisan Nasional has been quite successful in conning Malays into believing that Anwar is selling out the Malays and that is the reason for the low percentage of support for Anwar," said Khalid.

"These are not very encouraging results if it is representative of the entire population. It means there is a problem. Anwar will have to work harder. "It's important he should have at least a 50-50 situation among Malays. That would suffice," he stressed. But he does not think that the sample poll is a true reflection of the voting populace..."

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- Pejabat YB Khalid Abd Samad -


Anonymous said…
Undi tersebut juga menunjukkan Anwar menjadi pilihan orang bukan Islam manakala dikalangan orang Islam, majoritinya memilih Najib.

Undi juga menunjukkan bahwa 60% tidak ingin memilih samada Najib atau Anwar sebagai PM; yakni, Anwar dan Najib bukanlah pilihan rakyat kerana 60% tidak bersetuju dengan kedua-duanya.

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