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Is the ‘cross-over’ undemocratic and immoral?

In the midst of all this suddenly one bright fellow says, “the cross-over is undemocratic and immoral”. You do not know who said that? Not a problem. No one significant but let’s just put the idea to rest this morning alright?

Is it democratic and moral for the BN to go into the PRU 12 last March using the full weight of the state apparatus behind them? The media, government agencies, the budget, the police , with the undi pos securing them victories in various seats, the indelible ink issue, the doctored voters registration, etc.etc. Is this “bright fellow” serious?

The cross-over is said to be due to money changing hands, i.e. loyalties being bought! The only ones buying loyalty is the BN!

The cross-over is due to the MPs acknowledging that the people who they represent want this change to happen. The people were duped into voting for the BN in the PRU ke 12 because of the undemocratic practices above plus the role of the SPR, the promises of the BN leaders (which they have broken by the way) and the belief that the opposition is not a cohesive force. In other words, even if the opposition, meaning PR, won they would break up and there would be chaos! Well, all these were proven wrong! The BN MPs have themselves admitted to the growing ground swell in support of PR in their own constituencies. They have admitted that they fear losing their seats come the next PRU.

This fear was proven to be well founded in the Permatang Pauh by-election as there was an increased majority for Anwar even when he had to face the whole of the state’s apparatus. That’s the reason why they are now clamoring to jump ship! Now we know of the additional 49 on top of the ones already with us!!!

What is immoral about disposing of a government which won through undemocratic means in the first place? Have you forgotten about the undi post, doctored electoral roll, unfair use of state agencies and funds, lopsided media etc. etc.? Or are we really the “mudah lupa” type??


Unknown said…
Thanks YB. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

You've said the right thing and its acceptable. But I still worried about a certain PAS leader who disrespect our only hope.

I believe PRU-13 will do nothing to Pakatan Rakyat, BN will get back their two-third majority by launching lots of propaganda that already started April 2008 until 2012.

We don't have much choice here but to support any kind of movement to change our ancient government. Just for a better Malaysia !

Thanks again YB.

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