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Forum PSM: Apa Selepas Permatang Pauh?

Petikan artikel dan gambar oleh Jed Yoong di forum anjuran
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) pada 29/8/08 di Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Ahli panel: Hishamuddin Rais, Steven Gan (Ketua editor Malaysiakini), Cikgu Badrul (PKR), Dr Jeyakumar (YB Sg Siput - PSM) dan Khalid Samad (Shah Alam - PAS).

"... Khalid touched on the Sep 16 theory. He suggested Sabah and Sarawak froggies* may form blocks in each state to allow them greater “bargaining power”. He also said that there is no reason to doubt Anwar’s claim yet but added that Anwar is not a “prophet” who can foretell the future.

In reply to a question from the floor, he clarified again that PAS Selangor went to see UMNO because of an earlier “commitment” to do so, it’s a “Malay thing” to go if invited or else it may be used against them, and he wanted to prevent May 13 as even “reporters” warned him of tension in the city. He reiterated PAS President Hadi Awang’s commitment to Pakatan, as declared in the PAS Muktamar.

To another question on corruption, Khalid said that it needs to be combated on three levels — the individual via moral values, internal controls within the system and independent bodies. As an example, he suggested that the Attorney-General reports to parliament to facilitate investigations that may, for instance, involve the deputy prime minister..."

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* A term which wasn't used by YB Khalid himself, migrating MPs might be a more suitable alternative to this - admin.khalidsamadblog


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