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About the 49 BN MPs who went to study farming in Taiwan

Wish to thank Pak Lah for exposing that there are 49 more MPs whose loyalty to the BN is considered ‘suspect’ by the BN leadership themselves. This will give PR more people to work on for the cross-over.

Pak Lah says it has nothing to do with September 16th. Yup, it’s normal practice for the BN to gently coerce their MPs and bundle them off for study trips in the middle of Ramadhan. The last time something similar was done was……??

Yet another desperate attempt at staying in power. Well, at best, he may be able to delay it, but nothing can stop that which is inevitable... except THE Almighty.


lan said…
yes, they will eventually cross over no matter how long BN locks them up. Stop fooling the rakyat and for goodness sack, serve the rakyat in this difficult time

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