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Khalid Abd Samad

I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in 1957 and I grew up all over the country. My parents are originally from Muar, Johor but my father was a civil servant and he was posted to different states – Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Selangor and even up to Sabah. Yes Shahrir Samad is my brother and yes we are from the same parents. I studied Fuel and Energy Engineering in Leeds University, UK and I graduated in 1979. As a student in the UK, I was a member of a group called ‘SUARA AL-Islam’. When I returned to Malaysia, I joined PAS in 1983. I was a PAS C.C. member from 1987 to 1993. I have never been a member of IRC, JIM or any other Islamic organization, although I often interact with their members.

Beloved parents - Hj Abd Samad & Hajjah Rashidah

I joined Petronas soon after returning home and left when I contested for the Kuala Krai parliamentary seat in 1986 as a PAS candidate. Following that, I set up my own company and continued to be actively involved in PAS. I have never sat for the Board of Engineers exam, so please don’t address me as ‘Ir.’. I was referred to as an Engineer in my early ceramahs and it somehow got converted along the way! In 1987, I was detained under the ISA for nine months under ‘Ops Lalang’. I have also contested for the Arau, Sri Gading and Shah Alam parliamentary seats in the previous general elections and lost. PRU12 was my fifth attempt and Alhamdulillah made it to the Parliament. I am married and blessed with two sons, two daughters and currently, six grandchildren.

Brothers & Sisters (left to right) - Shahrir, Ali, Khalid, Arshad
Suraya, Sabiha, Abah, Mak, Humairah, Norhayati

At the moment, I am the YDP PAS of Shah Alam, member of PAS Central Political Bureau and the MP for Shah Alam. I gave many ceramahs but obviously not everyone can attend. Blogging is another avenue which I can use to share my thoughts and opinions on current issues pertaining to Islam and Malaysia. With this effort, I do hope the message can be reached by a bigger audience.

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